Order #MCOM3639**** shows delivered last night, 07/07/2021 at 5:53 pm. This package did not arrive at my address. I have security cameras all around my home and no trace of any delivered package at that time.

Item was SKU # 279**** O Scale Shepherd & Sons Dog food Factory

Please ship me another

Joe Manifesto

3365 Central Parkway Dublin, Ca 94568

Location: Dublin, California

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Then you need to call the police and file a report loser. How stupid are you?


His multiple " insecurity " spy cameras verified the packaged was never delivered to his property. Why would the customer file a false police report of a theft of an item that was never shipped???? Perhaps the customer should file a Police report in Eau Claire Wisconsin for fraud after Menards collects payment but does not ship the item.


OP himself Said shows order “delivered last night”. Are you illiterate or retarded?

Learn how to read before you comment loser.

He needs to take that “shows order delivered “ proof and file a police report. What don’t you understand?


No one said theft as it was stolen. If it showed tracking/delivery he still needs a police report. Open your own store and allow this nonsense to go on loser.

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