Holland, Michigan

Menards of Wyoming MI has incompetent kids managing store.

sold me a lawn mower that would'nt start and I returned it within 12 hrs(next morning) They refused to replaced or refund/take it back!!! wasted 7 days of my precious time giving me run around and I paid $17 at their "authorized cheat nonrepair disservice" to find out I bought junk made in China and the warranty was bogus...they wanted to rip me off for more money! I feel I am compelled to Warn others beware of stores that have became so greedy they will sell you JUNK ask for warranty read to you before buying!!

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I don't understand how you can say Menards did not honor the warranty. The warranty comes from the manufacturer, not the store.

The warranty covers repairs at a service center. Did you take the mower in to be repaired? Only if the service center deems the mower defective and non-repairable can Menards take it back and return it to the manufacturer. Far too many people cause their own problem by failing to add oil or using stale gas.

If the mower was defective you would not be charged at a service center. Failing to add oil or use fresh gas would not be covered by the warranty and the service center would be correct in charging you, as it is a problem you caused.


Menards does not stand behind their warranties


The mood is tense; I have been on some serious, serious reports but nothing quite like this.


I purchased a frigidaire from Menards, Sandusky, Ohio. It developed an electrical problem.

The fridge was under an extended warranty. To date the Warranty Group has either not showed up or cancelled my repair appointment at the end of the day. I am considering legal action against the store and the warranty group.

I will never purchase an appliance from Menards again! The Warranty is a total joke!!!!!


I am very happy with Menards. I got a refurbished mower for a great price. It was self propelled and I could never have afforded one that was new.

I think they changed their policy b/c people were using the mowers, returning them and then buying them back cheaper b/c Menards has to sell them as refurbished when they had to pay to have them fixed or looked to see if they were even broken.

I truly believe that one rotten apple spoils the bunch and retailers and honest consumers have to pay the price for people who steal or "play the system."

I even got a warranty with my refurbished mower. The ones I saw all had a limited one year and it was clear that I couldn't return it to the store.

I thought Menards could suggest places to send broken mowers, but they didn't take it to the repair shop, did they?


What did the service or disservice center end up saying was wrong with the mower?


What did the service or disservice center say was wrong with the mower?