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ask why store didn't have motorized carts for handicapped customers.was told it was because of insurance. can not shop there because i can not walk long distance if you had carts i would shop longer and spend more money .

so you lose my business and others i am sure.

the reason for not having carts is not because of insurance it is not a sufficient reason it is discriminating against the handicap. Lowe's have them so i take the bulk of my needs to their store i like your prices but it is a inconvenience to shop in your store.

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Well is that it? Is that all you're gonna say?


If you need a *** eletric wheel chair then theres not *** we could sell you that you could use, ... what, you want to nail them 20 footers for your 3 car garadge up ?

You wanna hang them 14 foot long sheets of dry rock?

You want to climb into your attic and push our insulation?

You want to climb a ladder and nail shingles?

This is a mans store, you want electric carts, im sure Walmarts near by, pick up a tampong for your *** and quit complaining.


how is menards discriminating against the handicapped because they do not provide motorized shopping carts/scooters?

shall they provide seeing eye dogs for the blind, and in-store-use-only prostheses?

GOD THIS MADE ME LOL - thanks, its SO true.



Maybe a compromise would be the store provides places to sit so if you need to rest you can. Every store cannot be expected to be respondsible for every disability.

Also I know that even if a store does have a power chair one is never enough. So are you willing to wait for it.If so that could take just as long as shopping and resting at possibly provided seating areas.



"Sec.36.306 Personal devices and services.

This part does not require a public accommodation to provide its customers, clients, or participants with personal devices, such as wheelchairs; individually prescribed devices, such as prescription eyeglasses or hearing aids; or services of a personal nature including assistance in eating, toileting, or dressing."


how is menards discriminating against the handicapped because they do not provide motorized shopping carts/scooters?

shall they provide seeing eye dogs for the blind, and in-store-use-only prostheses?


Is it me, or is "mcdocs" just going along cutting/pasting the same *** on every thread?

Congratulations on being hired at Home Depot. It takes quite a lot of brains to get in there.

Good luck with that, hope it takes you far. "Thanks".


So if your really needed one you would have your own. and we do have wheel chairs and team members are there to help you if you need it.

and if you want to go to lowes or home depot no one is stopping you i promise you about 95% of menards employees could careless when you tell them that. we do more than enough business without yours =]


I would say you are the exception my friend, when it comes to overwhelming positive Home Depot shopping experiences. Also,I feel that any employee of any company has a right to defend that company if they believe in that company or are having themselves insulted in a blanketed attack that accuses Menard's "younger employee's" of being incompetent, etc.

I personally have a great deal of faith in the company which employees me, pays me and offers me great incentives to come to work everyday and provide service.

It would be you that seems to have an agenda since you have posted on EVERY negative Menard's posting. Look at yourself before pointing out the fault of others my friend.


To "justice", "just observing, "just wondering", and, oh yes, just "wondering". Are you just kidding??

Can you just be honest and admit that you are a Menardite who has been assigned the task, or has merely taken it upon yourself, to defend the store? Can you just try to disguise yourself and come off as regular customer. Can you at least not be so insulting and try to be nice? Your attitude does Menards no favors.

As for me, Home Depot has never let me down. Thanks.


Menards does however provide wheelchairs, thus becoming compliant with all ADA regulations. If you need assistance getting your purchases, feel free to ask and a team member will push you around the store in the ADA approved wheelchair.

Even if Menards had these carts, people would still complain because they would be being used when they are needed. Trust me, Lowe's, Target, Walmart and everyother retailer that have them, hate them!


not all handicap conditions require a motorized cart at all times.taking your own to go into store takes a lot of time and usually an extra person to help you unload and load back onto your vechicle if you are not handicaped you would not understand that some handicap people can only walk short distance at a time if you have not experienced this then you have no right to make the comment that you did but be prepared you day will come that you will have trouble walking into a store and try to shop.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #66181

I am wondering why you don't have your own scooter? If there is a medical reason you need one work through your insurance company or medicare to get one.

Don't expect stores to provide one for you. If you don't have a medical condition that requires a scooter walking through stores might do you some good.

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