Called and they had no information for me. Tried tracking rebate on their website but it had no information for me either.

Bought a refrigerator on 10/20/20 for 599.99.

When I called, I was told they are just getting to the October rebates and to check in a couple weeks. The tracking website doesn't even have my information added to it yet.

User's recommendation: Don't expect to get a rebate anytime soon.

Location: Galion, Ohio

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You won't see your rebate added to their tracking until they open your envelope. I'd love to be able to see the warehouse full of mail waiting to be opened.


The "warehouse" is a post office box located a mile away from menards corporate office. It's then picked up and placed them in bags, transported to the corporate office where menards employees go through the envelopes. If yours gets misplaced, or forms inside envelope get separated after their employee opens the envelope, than too bad the house keeps the rebate credit you were entitled to.


I'll guarantee that the post office isn't storing the mountains of rebates. One of Menards warehouses has to be full of them. Who's great idea was it to offer a rebate on every transaction made at over 300 stores for well over 6 months straight?

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