I purchased an Ultra Deck kit for over $4000.00 Part way through the build, I found that My order was missing the collars that go around the railing posts. After more investigation, I found that they were never included in the "complete" deck kit I paid for.

After talking to an assistant manager at the Muscatine, Iowa store I bought the deck from, the best he could do was half price on the parts. It is my opinion, and that of people I've related this problem to, that I should be provided the missing parts free of charge. With the original price of the deck, my expectation was that all parts for the plan Menard's came up with would be included.

Maybe I'm being too particular, but I do think that I should receive the entire kit I was promised. Menards was good about replacing broken pieces I received, but my order was obviously just thrown together with no regard to the quality of the order I received.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Lima, Ohio, United States #846378

I had similar issues.... decking keeps coming damaged.

initial order was 40% damaged ratio. I now have received the 3rd replacement 66% damaged. Store manager was "unaware of issues" yet his department people tell us it is a recurring issue. Each order is charges extra for special packing.

I decided to expand my deck and discovered after delivery... they forgot to order 40 composite boards (they entire deck surface). Each time ultra deck arrives damaged.

Menards will do anything to prevent a return. I probably will pay $800 to be satisfied (restocking fee).


Completely agree!!! Hit the nail on the head!


So I could buy half a deck and go back in later... lie...

and say I was promised a full deck? Then they should take your word for it and just give stuff away to complete your order?

Get real, buddy. You are expected to know what your getting and not everybody uses those collars, especially if it wasn't a surface mounted railing system


Why should you get parts you didn't pay for? If you should then so should I and everyone else...Then where would we be ... just because you or whoever didn't include the parts in the kit doesn't mean you should get them free.

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