Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Not resolved

i had went to the menards to purchase some veggies and plants for my garden and boxes. Had picked up quite a few plants and other misc.

garden things. got to the checkout, and my card was denied., I was so embarressed, i left everything swearing never to go again,and start over some place else. i have always had my bill reasonable. because of my credit score elswhere, they lowered my account.

Shame on you

I love the4 menards shopping place and know I can pay off my bill do not know why my other bills are the way they are.please put my credit line back up to where it was. I am very disappointed, and will not hesitate to write my opinion to the paper

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I just had my Bank of America credit cards declined at Menards and when I called my bank they said it wasn’t because of them! I am up to date and have a spending limit of over $40,000!!

So they didn’t have any idea why Menards would decline it!! So not always because of not paying a bill.


I really think they should tell you before your card gets declined I have payed my bill on time and even sent more money then they asked but yet I miss one payment to they stop my card I think that isjust wrong in so many ways and now I cannot get a refrigerator so I can't keep food in my house lucky me


I'm so glad I don't work in retail!!!!!


We have no control over your spending limit. HSBC is the company that handles that.

CALL THEM!!! Stop blaming others for failed payments on your bills.


wow what a bunch of D**cks


How is this Menards' fault you don't pay your bill? The only way a card will get decline is if you do not pay it or hsbc has a problem with your account. Our stores really have no say in the goings on with the credit cards!


We see our role as essentially defensive in nature.


you dont know what the *** you doing. it was not menards fault.


you do realize it is not menards fault that your credit card was declined *** we out source our credit cards to hsbc so if it was "our" credit card it wasnt our fault that it was declined it is hsbc's fault. also if you would just pay your bill then you would not have a problem. if you insist on not shopping at menards for something that is your fault not ours we will not miss you one bit.