Cleveland, Ohio
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had to use delivery service for patio pavers menards charged us 68.some odd dollars ,then on top of that sales tax.yes we are mad we also just spent 400.dollars at the same time.!!!!!!!! also the week before that we bought 130 retaining wall brick we had to load them ourselves also was mad that day!!!

so within last week and a half we spent over 700.dollars at menards and they want to charge us 68.$we live 14 to15 miles from store we know because spouse works by menards in massillion ohio! thank s the beatty family

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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I wanted to buy a few items from Menards and found some great bargains. I wanted to pick them up in the store, of course on each and every one of them it would not let me ship to the store and pick it up there.My whole order was only $29 so why did my order come up to more than $56 when Menards put on processing charges , shipping charges, and sales tax.

What processing does it take to put it in a box? I'm paying for the merchandise. How greedy can you get? You don't allow store pick up and the shipping costs are nearly as much as the merchandise I wanted to buy.

Well I'm not going to do it!!!!!

I cancelled my order . What a way to do business.


There's nothing wrong with the quality Mr. Menard is selling his lumber is not from China like others right down the street.Oh no its USA all the way its treated lumber is treated in the US as well I just took a tour of the new lumber yard in Chesterfield MI the big bearded fellow was a great help the lumber was of the highest AC2 quality it looked like #1.I cant even get someone to help me at Home depot and you can forget quality lumber at Lowe's or HD if I have to pay $68 buck snorts for delivery that's alright because it comes with service safe delivery and its less I have to load and unload and when he does that back stretch at the end you can be thankful next time its not you feeling the burn you ungrateful snob.


People like you want everything for free...I would bet 100. bucks you're an owebumma lover!


Should I just pick them up yourself if you didn't like it. Rent the manardes truck 20 bucks and get your *** to work


It does cost a lot to get any truck on the road. I only feel sorry for you because you bought menards patio block. The is so cheap, poorly designed and poorly made that they start falling apart in very little time.


Hi, Anonymous, am curious where to buy better (more durable) patio block and yet not have to apply for a loan? You are right if a person sticks the money into something you do want it to last.


menards delivery drivers are self employed .you only spent 68 dollars with that business. that poor *** gets chested by Menards everyday.

and now you have to complain. get over yourself


Yes,Menards should not charge anything for delivery,because labor is free,diesel is free,insurance is free.......way to think through your complaint,Professor Beatty.


No one forced you to buy any items from Menards or use their delivery service that they break even on. Also, Menards yard is self service.... Stop being a self entitled ***


It you didn't think it was a good deal buying from us, then why did you give them the money? No one took the money out of your pocket.


Other places offer free delivery. Why didn't you go there?

Oh that's right, you would pay an extra $168 for the same block. I guess you came out $100 ahead.


Have you checked to see what it would cost to rent a truck and a lift to get them home yourself? Add to that fuel and the cost of a driver driver that saved you the effort of loading and unloading the pavers. I think you might find the $68 quite a bargain.