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Never got thru to a live person, corporate # goes to a credit card company, ordered glass shower doors, paid for delivery and they dropped first doors off at end of driveway, they weigh over 400 lbs and I'm 56 yrs old, how am I supposed to get t him up drive and into house!!!!!! I paid for delivery so I wouldn't have to move t him into the house, much less get them from side of road, I want to cancel the other set of shower doors I have ordered.

If I wanted to move them I would of picked them up from the store instead of paying the delivery fees. Please put money back on my card.

User's recommendation: customer service sucks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Pros: Unable to contact customer service.

Menards Cons: Thought would be better to pay for delivery, But not, Suck.

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Having sold and loaded a lot of shower doors I have a hard time believing these doors weigh anywhere near 400 pounds. More like 150-200 lbs.

Did you buy them from theIf you store or on-line? If you purchased them in the store you would have gone over delivery arrangements and paid an extra charge if you wanted them brought into your home. If this is the case you should contact the store manager. If you ordered them on line you are kind of at the mercy of the trucking company.

Don't assume any large product is going to be placed where you want it when placing an on-line order. If you ordered on-line cut the box open and you will find it much easier to carry one panel at a time and the frame package is very light.

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