Lincoln, Nebraska
Not resolved

I went to Menards Lincoln South. Special ordered 12 pallets landscape stone.

Brett the manager talked us into delivery. I normally p/u with my own trailers. Specified back drive. Call first.

Manager said they would call at later date and get specifics. They called on a Wed asking what day to deliver. I said Thursday following day. Person on phone said he was swamped, no way.

I said wait until the upcoming Sat, I will be home. I actually went to Menards and picked up more stone personally to keep working on wall. So they could deliver at their convenience. I explained deliver to back drive off of specific street as I live in country.

Call first. Person agreed. I waited all day Sat for Menards delivery. Nothing.

Kept looking out back to see if Menards was there. Nothing. Around 5:30, I went out front. There was a Menards delivery person in a semi placing pallets of block on my drive in front of the garage.

12 pallets ! 2 left. I ran out in my robe and slippers and screamed at him ..what was he doing. I live in a very nice high end neighborhood.

Drive is all concrete, circle drive , the whole bit. I do not want large heavy trucks driving on there. The driver jumps out of the truck and bumps into me. Screaming do not yell at me.

If you bump be again I will *** you up. I told him he needed to move the blocks to where they were supposed to be delivered. He said he was not *** doing anything. He needed to get home to watch the game.

I said I was going to call Menards. He screamed I do not work for *** Menards. Unbelievable as this seems, this was actually going on. My wife his standing in the garage watching and yelling at me to get away from the crazy person, I was going to get hurt.

I walked back to the garage and called Menards. All the manager could say was the ticket said driveway. And insisted I needed to know who I talked to. And he is the one that innitiated the whole process from day one.

Nothing about fixing the problem. He said I should call delivery company person. He could not do anything. Crazy thing..there are Menards decals all over the truck.

And I bought the stuff from Menards. So I called the number on the receipt of the delivery company. He says info says driveway. Who did I talk to ?

Amazing ! I have 2 driveways which you can clearly see. Would you not check to see which one if you were not sure ? Then I told him about my home.

He says I think I am better then he is. That he delivers stuff with that truck all the time to peoples drive. It is the only trucks they have. My problem I guess.

Then I ask him to have his person move the blocks to the correct location. He says his is not changing the delivery unless he gets paid. Go figure. I thought I already did.

I just hung up. No use talking to ignorant people who could care less. Then I get a phone call from the supposed owner of the delivery company again. No, not to fix the problem.

He just wanted to tell me that he was sick of my attitude. He was not going to do anything. Folks..this is actually all true. You cannot make this ignorant scenario up.

He was upset with my attitude and he was not going to do anything. I just hung up. Got 3 more phone calls from the same number which I did not answer. And another voice mail from a female who was supposedly the owner of the delivery company.

To top it all off, the delivery driver did not even leave the rest of the stone, he took off with the other pallets and did not even complete the delivery. To the wrong location anyway.

This is all actually happening as I watch. Gary J Chmelka 402-432-8377

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Store cust service is a joke.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: I asked manager to come p/u block. Full refund. Will go elsewhere. Still not response. Cannot even get vehicle out of garage.

Menards Cons: Menards.

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