Momence, Illinois
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I ordered over $1500 in wood for delivery. When I came to the customers home to build I noticed 1/2 of the pile of wood was broken and had came loose from the straps.

I was told when the delivery driver dropped it off he threw it down and problems happened. I called the store and they told me to contact the driver who is a subcontractor. I told them I purchased it from them and not the delivery driver. They told me too bad and I'd have to contact the driver to have him replace the bad wood.

I tried to call the driver, left 2 voicemails and have never had a phone call back. My customer went to the store and repurchased what we needed to complete the job.

Menards is too big for their britches. They WILL NOT fix their problem AT ALL!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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You bought it from Menards, then you hired a delivery driver. The problem occurred with the delivery driver, so that's who you need to speak with.

This isn't a difficult concept.

I can believe half the wood was damaged. Wood doesn't have to be 2x4s, it could easily be 1/2" plywood or something else that's pretty easily breakable (not demolished, but easily could have corners snapped off, etc).

Could also be wood siding, or a myriad of other things that are not what is traditionally considered "lumber". It just says "wood".


I highly doubt half of you LUMBER was broken


Take a look at the delivery agreement you signed. It tells you that the delivery was contracted with an independent delivery company. If you can't get the company to answer your calls, contact their insurance company whose name and number are also listed on the agreement you signed.


I have played sword fighting with several male menards managers to get my current position and my wood never broke or left me down...... Oh wait you mean lumber wood, we'll in that case menards is always right and you are wrong