Mchenry, Illinois

Menards delivered the wrong patio door, however we did not discover the mistake until after the installers had put it in.

They admitted they delivered the wrong door, so we wanted them to remove the incorrect door and to pay for the correct door to be installed.

They told us they would only exchange the door for the correct one. We would have to remove the incorrect door and reinstall the correct one ourselves.

Also, they wouldn't give us a new door until the old door was returned.

They made us purchase another door to be delivered and when the old door is returned, then they will refund for the 2nd door.

They also refused to pay for the installation of the new door.

We are not happy and plan to sue!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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to those people making the comments about how *** a person can be for getting the wrong door. Its obvious that your mind is not connected to your mouth.

Have you seen how those doors are packaged? There is no way you can get a look at those doors until they are unpackaged.

Also by the way you talk you must work for Menards and your comments are biased. And what if the person who bought the door didnt install it themselves.


What fool installs the wrong door. That is your fault that you did not make sure it was the correct door before it was installed.

You are the same person that would paint a room then realize you wanted yellow not red. You are a fool.


uh, what? they already said they'd give you a new door, which is the mistake that they made in the first place.

they didn't install it for you.

that's your fault. you should have noticed the problem ahead of time.

please don't return.


Good luck trying to sue...I am sorry, but no one is going to back up your case.


I am always amazed at how the comsumer refuses to take any responsibility. You either signed the delivery form acknowledging the receipt of the proper product or a release of liability saying you wouldn't be there to inspect the product when it was delivered.

It sounds like Menards admited delivering the wrong door and agreed to exchange it. As they did not install the door, why do you want them to pay to remove and re-install it?

It's not their fault you couldn't take a few minutes to look the door over before you had it installed. Take some responsibility for your own actions.


Why in the world would you take delivery of a large item like this that is easily identifiable without checking it over?