Indianapolis, Indiana

bought a Remmington weedeater 10 days ago and it didn't run very good the 1st time I used it. today tried to start it to use it a 2nd time, no go.

tried to return it for an in store credit to buy another. it had had gas put it in duh..... ya generally you do put gas in one. said no returns if it had gas put in it.

another words, don't buy a gas using product if you don't want to accept "AS IS" condition once you put gas in it to see IF it even will start.

they were kind enough to tell me 20 miles away there was a small engine repair shop,,,,on my dime. guess where I WON'T be buying another *** eater~~

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You are not buying it "AS IS" as you claim. You bought a product with a warranty that calls for repair rather than replacement.

9 of 10 problems with a gas powered product are the fault of the consumer using old gas, not mixing the oil properly or not following the starting directions...None of which are covered under warranty and you would be charged for the service shop telling you what you did wrong.

If indeed there is a problem with the product it would be repaired at no charge under the warranty. Take responsibility as a consumer and understand what the warranties and return policies are for a product BEFORE you buy it.


Duh, You must work for Menards. I am sorry for you.

I'll bet you are making a decent living because they pay you so well. I can attest Menards does not stand behind the products, Home Depot does.



It's too bad consumers don't understand how things work. They think they can bring anything back for any reason.

Where do you think the money comes from to cover the costs for refunds of "defective" products? It comes out of YOUR pocket in the form of higher prices. The manufactures raise their prices to cover the cost of unreasonable returns. Just to give you an example.

A customer brings back a chainsaw that doesn't work. The engine starts great but it dies as soon as you give it gas to get the chain running.

The problem was that the consumer adjusted the chain too tight. That is not a defective saw, it's a consumer that doesn't know what he is doing...just going to raise prices for everyone else.


I am a customer and I can tell u that the people from menards and the ppl that make your cabinets and countertops must be rejects , they cant get shxx right to save their xxx.very very sad but that is how business is done at menards.


Policy duh... it is clearly stated.