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We bought a refrigerator at the Menards in Big Rapids, Mi. After using it 10 days it quit keeping food cold.

We call Menards and they said we couldn't return it after it was once used. How do you know it doesn't work unless you use it? They said we had to call and get it fixed under warranty. We did that but it took them 18 days to repair it.

In the mean time all we had was a small cooler to use and we gave them our old refrigerator which was in good working order but we just wanted to upgrade to a more energy efficient one. Please think twice before any major purchases from Manards.

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@sessa before you attack people learn how to speak English

'Your marriage' is correct. It's the possessive meaning 'his marriage'.

'You're' is a contraction meaning 'you are'

Conclusion: Heartless is correct and Sessa needs to go back to grammar school.


Thank you :)


Dear Heartless, you are an a$$hole. Love, me.

Also, it's "you're" not "your" dumba$$.


Yeah think twice because last thing you want is them fixing a defective item for you! You people are really ***.

First of all Menards does not make the fridge if anything you should be angry at the company that produced such a piece of JUNK! Second your ungrateful it got fixed for free.

It's all Menards fault. I'm also sure it's their fault your marriage is falling apart too.

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