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I will never shop at any Menard's and will relentlessly encourage others to follow my lead. I had an encounter with the General Manager, CHAD DESOTO, at the Portage, Indiana store regarding a defective lawn mower.

It ran once and broke down. We were given 5 shops to take the mower to be repaired but all 5 shops refused to service it. The reason was because the store doesn't pay them. When I explained to CHAD DESOTO that we couldn't find a repair shop under the warranty, he handed me a new list with the same shops!!

This mower was a gift to my husband and I was very embarrassed to have had it break down. When CHAD DESOTO told me there was nothing he could do for me, I asked for a number to contact someone higher. He refused to give me any number and said that he has done all he could for me...which was to give me a list of shops that would not service the mower! I asked again for the number of his direct supervisor.

He refused again and called the Portage Police to come and mediate our conversation. They came and I was threatened to either be good with what he said or be arrested!!!!! This store advertises that it guarantees customer satisfaction. I was not satisfied with a product that was purchased at their store and was definitely NOT satisfied with the treatment I received!

If anyone has to return anything to this store, please be aware that you could possibly have the police called on you If you aren't happy with being ripped off by defective machinery. Two officers showed up! I felt bullied and intimidated for simply wanting a number to contact someone to resolve my issue.

No, this absolutely does not fall under the "satisfied customer" category. CHAD DESOTO was the most unprofessional manager I have ever encountered and has no business being in the customer service industry, whatsoever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $245.

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I sure am glad I'm not your husband. I would have to ditch you quick. Kind of like your mower.


It's stated on your receipt, Menards website, the return counter and all around the area where the mowers are sold that you cannot return gas powered equipment once gas is put into the unit. This is a manufacture recommendation to Menards.

Menards employees are not able to diagnose weather or not it was a consumer caused issue or a defect in the machine. It has to go to a repair shop to protect Menards and manufactures from clueless people. If it's a defect in the machine it will be covered under the manufacture warranty. Manufactures lose major amounts of money because people destroy their equipment because they just toss out the owners manual and have zero clue on how to maintain that equipment.

It's also to prevent people from using Menards as a free rental center. Just imagine if they took back everything with out question you could go get a new mower every week use it and return it for a full refund................

Obviously the police thought the store was being reasonable with you, you on the other hand sounded like you wanted to cry and stomp your feet like a little kid until you got your way. NEXT TIME EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE RETURN POLICY FOR THE ITEM YOU'RE BUYING, that's consumer 101 right there.


Sounds to me like you are Chad Desoto!


next time buy a Craftsman sears will always take it back weather or not you put gas in it or not . Menards should have never sold such a piece of *** lawndevil lawnmower in the first place.

And further more they will take back power equipment just complain loud enough. NEVER BUY POWER EQUIPMENT FROM MENARDS GO TO SEARS!!!!!