Both prehung exterior doors I purchased had to be removed and reinstalled on door jambs to get door to close properly

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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When you bought the preying doors they were closed in their frames. Did you ever stop and think that they weren't installed square and plumb in the wall?


Maybe I should have you calibrate my aluminum level while I was installing???? The products menards sells unfortunately are low quality house brands imported from China. Perhaps the best solution is just to buy elsewhere where staffing assists customers instead of shouting “that’s not my job” and running off at the speed of light when a customer asks basic questions.


Actually, the majority of doors, Menards sells are Mastercraft. And those are produced and assembled in America.


They may be hung in the US but many of the components, especially the solid core wood doors are imported. Mastercraft is just the name they use for doors they sell through their door plant.

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