Chicago, Illinois
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Purchased Decking from Menards Green Bay Wi Made by Biewer Lumber St. Clair Mi. Defects inspected by Mark Vetter Biewer Lumber on 6/17/08.

Deck is spliting/twisting ? This was brought to builders attention Mecca Construction & Menards last year. Need to be addressed and corrected. Spent $11,287.56 on a deck that after a year looks

worse then cedar deck it replaced that was 17 yrs old. I have been requesting correction from the builder. (Mecca Construction)

and Menards for over a year. Menards sent a inspector last year..never heard anything.Biewer Lumber sent Mark Vetter after I called Mecca again.

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we contacted Menards and sent in complant form. Menards didn't give us and answer for 8 weeks.

we contacted Monarch Deck about there green tree decking, they had several excuses before running out of excuses and blaming the contractor.

there material is bowing and cracking all over the place. Sign Mecca construction


Did you send in an installed complaint form? These are available at any Menards and pretty much the only way to be compensated on something that is already installed.

If the decking has not been installed yet, the Menards should be able to reorder and bill the vendor for the bad lumber.

Was the decking split when you picked it up or after you got it? There are so many scenerios involved here.


Let me see if I have this straight. A beaver gave you twisted wood?


Menards does not have "inspectors". Besides, even if they did, do you really need to be told something you already know.

Let me pretend to be the inspector. Well folks, it appears that your deck is defective now that I took a look at it. Let me guess, you are gonna start shopping at Lowes or The Home Depot now.

You can, but really, it is not going to make your life any easier. I promise.


you clearly agreed to the terms of the purchase, and so you must bear full responsibility for going through with it. i'm sorry for your deck, but since menards does not actually make the decking, you'd be better off sending a complaint to the manufacturer of said item.