Madison, Wisconsin

we went to menards to buy the roofing for our contractor and were told our credit limit had been decreased significantly. We had no written communication from credit co.

we used another card. Received a letter 2 weeks later of the decrease. In another 2 weeks we got another letter saying because of our excellent credit rating they were raising the limit again. We believe we were targeted because we never carry a credit balance.

we will never use our menards card again and are considering purchasing our home improvement materials elsewhere. What sort of customer service were you employing.

do you know how embarrassing it is to try to purchase a significant amount of goods and be told in front of other customers you can't buy the items? We have an excellent credit rating, (which we checked immediately following the incident.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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Did you contact the credit card company you are having a problem with? What did Menards do here?

If you contacted a manager, I'd bet they would help you call the credit card company and get YOUR problem resolved. P.S., Be a little tougher that having a problem at the register and getting "embarrassed".

C'mon. Let it go and move on.


I found out about my decreased limit by going online (It was a month before I received something from HSBC telling me my limit was decreased). I have never been late, always pay full balance and have an excellent credit rating but my limit was reduced from $20,000 to $105.00!!!

Calls to HSBC only would tell me they were cutting their losses!!

I called directly to Menards office and my limit was restored to my original amount the same day!! HURRAH for MENARDS...BOOOOOOO for HSBC


What are you complaining here for?

You stated in you complaint that the "credit company" didn't communicate a credit decrease to you. Your complaint is with them--not Menards.

Do you think the other home improvement stores have their own credit cards?

They also use outside credit companies. Go ahead--shop elswhere and SPEND BIG MONEY.


be aware that this was a policy instituted by HSBC (the company that manages your card), and NOT by menards. this was done because too many people were defaulting on payments, leading to huge losses incurred by that company.

to protect itself, it now automatically decreases credit limits if not used over a 90 day period. limits are easily increased with a simple phone call to HSBC, if necessary.

so, you are angry at the wrong company, and for the wrong reasons. menards had nothing to do with this.