International Falls, Minnesota

Ordered decking materials (ultra deck) to complete a 32x40 deck on May 3rd. Had to pay for a broker to have materials delivered in 3 separate deliveries of wrong materials and damaged decking.

Original order by the department manager was missing important materials, which created numerous trips and special orders, along with waiting times. Still have not received Ultra deck handrails. Every shipment was received damaged (over 4 now)Still no responses from Menards on ETA of materials 7 weeks later.

Eau Claire Ultra Deck plant not concerned at all with customer service. International Falls store GM is aware of the issues but is apparently not interested in resolving the problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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If you haven't installed it return it and get your money back!!!! This is a *** material.


Hey buddy if you think your unhappy now, just wait until you try installing the menards junk decking. Or even better wait until you see how "durable" the decking is, then the real fun begins. At menards you truly get what you pay for.........