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After a major reroofing project...Filled out rebate jumping through hoops. Expecting a cash refund, which I specifically asked about.

Was sent a in store credit. I needed the CASH to pay the tax on taking money from a IRA early. When I called to ask...I got the run around and if I want answers I have to "in writing" ask my questions. Not helpful and too many steps.

Will not shop there again. It would have been so much more costumer friendly to do the 11% rebate at the register.

What a way to lose costumers. Menard's corporate I hope you read this and care about your business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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Are you an ***? It says on the rebate slip you send in that it is on and in store credit.

Do you not read a contract before you sign it? Do you not read the headline of the paper before the story?


Menards rebates always come in the form of an instore credit. That is the way it has always been.

That way people have to come back in and shop again.

It actually works pretty well if you use the in store credit you receive, to buy more items that receive rebates. I've seen people do this and they only end up spending the money for the original items they got the rebate for, then just keep using rebates and not have to spend money.


So not only did you not read how the rebate works, but you were relying on your in-store rebate to pay the taxes on an IRA withdrawal? You should probably not be handling money in any way.


Your retarded. Simple as that abvi you don't know how business works. So stop complaining and go to the home depot


this is the way menards have always done their rebates. wake up and smell the coffee.

if you don't want the rebates, then don't buy the products.

this bozo must just want something for nothing. get a life.


Nobody told you it would be a cash refund, everyone at Menards knows how the rebate system works and it's clearly stated on all advertisements of such promotions. It's not difficult at all to obtain the rebate credit. You simply cut off the bottom of the receipt and send it to the address with the rebate card.


Just read the ads or signs in the store. They all state the rebate is in the form of a merchandise credit.

Not hard at all to understand.

How is cutting the bottom of the receipt off and filling out a rebate slip "jumping through hoops"? I don't know how you could handle a major roofing project when you can't understand a simple rebate,


Resell the store credit for 90 - 95% of its value to someone you know in a profession such as construction or neighbor doing remodeling project then take your business elsewhere in the future


That won't work because large rebate credits require an ID to use.