Effingham, Illinois

BOUGHT A MOWER FOR $403 after tax, part number 2703880. after the relatively easy setup process i filled it up with oil and gas.

This model of mower has no prime bulb and boast that it doesn't need one. Well guess what the mower wont prime and after 30 minutes of pulling on the cord i called the effingham menards where i bought the mower. After talking to john erickson he couldn't do anything for me so he transferred me to the "manager" Dave eddings. he told me i would have to take it to a shop and have it fixed.

I told him it was less than an hour old and i had the receipt and would like a new one. He told me no i couldn't get a new one since i put gas in it. so i have to pay a mower shop 50 an hour in labor plus parts to fix a new mower. i asked if he had a boss i could talk to.

he told me that he didn't have a boss and that i had to deal with him.

i asked if there was some kind of district manager or someone who was over him he said no he didn't answer to anyone. he gave me a customer satisfaction number and it is a JOKE.

Monetary Loss: $406.

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It is unfortunate that Menards will assume you read all the fine print first, and then give you the impression they will stand behind their gas motor products. Just about any smaller hardware like TrueValue will start it for you before you even buy it, and then help you if you have any problems.

They don't just ignore you, pass you off to someone else, tell you what they should have before selling it to you, throw comments such as "I answer to nobody" or come to these consumer sites after to try and make you look like the problem. Menards is a joke, and so are the ones who come here to smear your complaint.

Obviously, we learn some things the hard way. Next time buy from your local small hardware store where they know how to treat their customers.


The sad truth is that the majority of problems with gas powered equipment is the consumers fault. They buy a brand new machine, go home and fill it with gas that has been sitting around for a year and is no good anymore.

Manufactures got smart and now require the equipment be serviced rather than returned. If in fact there is a problem with the unit it will be repaired at no charge.

If you put old gas in the unit you will be charged by the service center for telling you that you used stale gas. There are signs by gas powered equipment, at the service desk and the policy is on your receipt letting you know what to expect


Guess you should have read the fine print. Oh and thats the sku (stock keeping unit) menards uses to keep track of things. It is not a part number.


Once gas it put into it Menards will never take it back. This policy is a manufacture recommendation because Menards employees are not qualified enough to determine if it was a defect in the machine or was a consumer caused problem.

If you did not cause the issue it will be fixed under warranty free of charge. It stats this policy all over the area by the mowers and on the receipt.


Menards "manager" ignored me for 10 minutes, then asked to see the receipt and then read it to me. I had the mower for less than a week and used it 1 time before the coil starter broke.

I was told where to take the mower to get it fixed and the repair place said they have a complaint in with Menards for sending customers to repair equipment that the repair company does not support.

What great service by Menards. Lie to your customersa where to send it so they can go on ignoring customers.


Once it has gas in it, it is considered "used". If it is a warranty issue, you will not have to pay anything.

If you put wrong oil/gas or old gas etc. where it is not the manufacturers fault, you will have to foot the bill.

It kind of sucks, but Menards can't determine the issue, only a service center can find out for sure... they are pros