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First, one of their special order folks dropped a special order door right in front of me in the warehouse, destroying the frame. When I went to the other area of the yard to pick up my in-stock doors, 1 of them looked like a fork from a fork truck had gone through it.

The guy tried to find me another one, but said the other ones in stock didn't look any better. On that day, I drove 45 minutes to get 3 of the 5 doors I'd ordered. They were SUPPOSED to be sent to a store 20 minutes from me but that's an entirely different mess. Now it turns out they ordered the wrong size doors entirely, and even the 3 I picked up are useless.

Literally, everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong, and now they want to charge me a restock fee on the re-ordered special order door that's of no use to me because they ordered the wrong size on that one as well. So, off to Lowe's I go! I swear, EVERY time these guys screw me over I say "This is the last time, I'll gladly spend a little more at Lowe's", they remind me why I only shop there 1-2 times a year.

I would especially avoid the Clive, IA store folks, just a suggestion. At least the folks in Altoona are friendly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mastercraft Doors Door.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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It was unfortunate your door was damaged but I don't see how they ordered the wrong door for you. They don't come out and take measurements or determine swings of doors or the style you want.

They enter the order based on the information you give them. As they work with you to order a door there is a picture of the door you are ordering on the computer screen.

They print out a detailed order that includes a description of the door with all the sizes for you to you to review before YOU take it to the cash registers to place the order and pay for the doors. Just don't understand how you can say Menards ordered the wrong door.


As a contractor, I shop at all of the Menards stores in Des Moines. I find them all to be very helpful.

I see customers come in, act like they know what they are talking about, ordering things and telling the employees they don't know what they are talking about.

Then days later see the same person come in saying "Menards screwed up!" Funny, I haven't had any issues with Menards in nearly 20 years spending thousands a year, but you have so many issues. Maybe it is you.


Sounds like an accident happened and they tried for 45 minutes to make it right for you. Sometimes things happen, but you probably don't make mistakes.

Don't you get a copy of the order they write?

Did you check it to make sure they ordered what you asked for? It is pretty hard to order 5 doors incorrectly unless the measurements given are incorrect.

If there is a store closer, why didn't you order from them?