We ordered some shelving recently. The shelves arrived horribly packed and every board was damaged.

The brackets never did ship. We have tried their return form, contact form, and Facebook page for weeks and have yet to hear a word back from them. Their customer service is HORRIBLE for online buyers!

We're now faced with getting our credit card involved to make this right. To add insult to injury, we were charged over $50 for shipping to only have half of the order shipped, and what did arrive was badly damaged.

User's recommendation: Use extreme caution if ordering online. You have no recourse if something goes wrong.

Location: Remsen, Iowa

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Living in Iowa where there are plenty of Menards stores it doesn't make sense to order on-line and have a product shipped to you home. Buy it in the store and take it home if it is a stock item.

If it is special order have it shipped to the store. No need to pay their high shipping charges for on-line orders not to mention you can't talk to a human if you have a problem.


Or just skip menards altogether and purchase from online vendor who cares about customer service. Menards just str0kes you all day with processing fees, shipping fee, packing fee, return fee Etc, then tells you to talk to the hand when your item arrives damaged due to p1ss poor packing.

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