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October 12 2017 I witnessed a employee of Menards at the Saginaw Mich. store be abruptly rude to a elderly lady that was trying to return a portable generator that was defective.

The generator was purchased approx. 6 hours earlier. The generator would not start on the battery. The Menards employee claimed to be the Manager and his name was MATT.

He refused to accept the defective generac generator. He told the sweet lady his policy would require her to take the brand new generator to a repair shop. His attitude was so bad I had to stay and listen. Believe me, I will think twice before I make a major buy at Menards.

This guy was a poor excuse for a manager. I was a manger at General Motors for 35 years and I would fire any one of my salary people if they acted like this Matt. Several other people also witnessed this .

The poor lady started to cry when she learned that she had spent approx 900.00 dollars for the defective generator and then get this response from Menards. I hope this complaint can fall on a person that can stop this person Matt from treating people in this manner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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if the gas is drained then they can take it back, if you don't take it back don't sell it....RUDE people in this business...


Menards is evil.


They CAN'T take back anything that has had GAS put in it! Jesus people is it THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND?

to Anonymous #1390262

Anonymous you are an IDIOT wrapped in a MORON. How would a person Know if the Generator worked or not, If they didn't try to start it. Hay Dummy you need gas to make it run.


I think you know good and well that if a person purchased a GM car, drove it home and it wouldn't start a hour later GM is not going to refund the purchase price of the car. They will REPAIR it under warranty.

The manufacturers of gas powered equipment won't accept the return of their equipment unless an authorized repair shop deems it defective and unrepairable. If it is defective and repairable they will repair it under warranty. There are just too many consumers that can't follow directions. They fail to put oil in the motor.

They use stale gas. They don't choke the motor. If the customer failed to put oil in the motor or used stale fuel it would be their responsibility to cover repairs. This is why the manufacturers require gas powered equipment go to a repair shop.

This policy is clearly posted in the areas where the gas powered equipment is sold. People who don't accept this policy shouldn't purchase gas powered equipment at Menards.

to Anonymous #1380813

That is poor business practice in any event. If I buy a generator or lawn mower or whatever and it will not start, and 1 hour later I'm back at the store with it, they better swap it out for a different one.

Who wants to buy something they need to use, have it not work, and take it back and be told they have to have it repaired. It sat on the store shelf longer than the lady had it in her possession.

This is what is wrong with big box store selling appliances and stuff like this. They won't stand behind the products they sell.

to chartelle1 #1380921

Then complain to their Corporate headquarters.

to Anonymous #1380924

You are somewhat correct. Using your car logic, if you just bought a car and it wouldn't start, yes they will repair/fix it, but in the meanwhile I bet they would put you into a loaner car while the one you bought is being fixed.

What is this lady suppose to do while it's being repaired? She bought something on good faith, basically to more than likely use right away and now she has nothing and is out the money from it. I don't want to hear about stale gas, forgetting the oil and all the other b.s. that some of you dish out, if you read the original post, he says it wouldn't start on the battery, no mention of gas or oil.

It all comes down to a simple logic, stores need to stand behind the products they are putting on the shelves and expecting us as consumers to purchase. Yes, the item is not a Menards brand, but they are putting their name along with it when they stock it in the store to sell. Both the manufacturer and the store are on the hook as far as I'm concerned, they both are responsible for the product.

Even back to the car situation, you go in and deal with the dealership for repairs not the GM, Ford or Dodge company directly, or a third party repair service, you take your complaint up with the dealership, which is basically what Menards is in this case.

You expect the dealership to take care of you and treat you right, why not Menards in this case if you want to compare this to the car? Isn't Menards like the dealership in your logic? And save your b.s again on the fact that Menards does not offer repairs in the store, we all know that.

The point is stores need to realize they are only as good as the products they sell. When they sell crap you all know the reputation the store will have.

to Goodgriefwhataworldwelivein #1380948

So, if this woman took the generator home put gas in it and neglected to put oil in it and seized the engine you feel the store should take the loss due to customer abuse? The reason gas powered products are sent to service centers is to protect the stores and manufacturers.

As a consumer you have a choice of purchasing your equipment from a servicing dealer who is likely to put oil and gas in it before you buy it and show you how it starts and assures you have an operating product before you leave the shop. You can also chose to purchase your products from a big box store that doesn't provide on site service. As they don't set up your machine they sell it at a lower price. They even put signs up saying they won't take it back after you put gas in it.

You a few bucks and sacrifice service or spend a little more and buy your product from a full service dealer. You get exactly what you pay for, and you can't say you weren't warned that they wouldn't take it back.

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