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Menards does not promote customer service at all! I have had a lot of people complain about the service they have received from Menard's employees.

In today's business world, the customer should be your main focus, and not whether they know what they want or what they are doing. Employees of Menards are there to help customers to determine their needs and wants and how to do things correctly. Not everybody is a "handyman" and Menards advertises that they can help the customer learn to complete projects on their own. Again, where is the customer service, leadership, and quality within the Menards environment.

As employees you can bash the customer all you want, but that is who supports the paycheck you receive.

When more customers go to Lowes because of the assistance they receive, the price they pay for satisfaction is going to be irrelevent. You job however, will be on the line because all employees won't be able to be supported by the lack of business Menards will have.

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bubbles? quit commenting.

you're embarrassing yourself. you spell like a 7 year old. did you work at a day care where the kids couldn't tell you spell like an ***?

it's probably best that you don't shop at menards, its hard to converse with a person with the IQ of a wall. as for your dad, sorry your experience was messed up, at every single store, there are mistakes made.



Don't forget that thanks to them loosers like you call them is that you are getting your pay check ever wk or what ever. Because if it would not be thanks to all them people who shop at menards the store will have to close and you would stay with out a job.

And be able to stay in bed and not drag ur *** up to work. Because of people like you is that Menards has the terrible Customer service. I have worked with Customers and I never once treated any one like that! Because I was were I was because they consumed the stores product.

So think about it and if you don't like it find another job. As for there drug test that don't proof nothing. I have heard of people who drink some liquid to take that thing off there system so what good is it?

They need to do some other type of test deeper. Maybe that will eliminate a good 70% of the lazy representatives like you.


My father went to buy a door and since they did not have any more of what he needed, the rep. gave him a quote and the MG was going to give him a $10 discount but once he got home we notice that he was charged what was suppose to be a discount.

He went back leaving the door home due to it been a big door. Once he got there he was been accused of trying to steal the store! Give me a break!!!That is so insane, we would have not gone back if we would be stealing. They even called the rep who gave him the price and he even verified the price he had given my father because that's what the computer was giving him.But they still keep saying that he was trying to steal the store because the price of $189??

was only for the frame the door was extra. But that's not what he was told by that one rep. Well it ended up that he had to leave his DL at the store so he can come home get help to load the door and waist more Gas from his V8 truck for a mistake they all made at the store and then flipping the things around to cover there own mistake. I have shop at this store and the employees there have no clue to what there there to do..Because if they are not chitchatting as if there on breaks, you ask for help and a good 80% don't know were or what the *** your looking for.

I rather go else were but my father had been a customer of Menards for so so many years. But after this I think we rather go a couple of miles more to Lowes.


I love when homeowners come in to fix something, ask you how to do it, you give them the right answer, they refuse to buy the tools to do the job, break whatever it is they are trying to fix beyond repair, then come in yelling that they not only want a refund on the inadequate materials they bought in the first place, but also want the store to fix the broken item. It's ALL MY FAULT.

And if screwed by retail couldn't get hired by Menards, with experience in the trades, than there has got to be some serious problems with that dude.

If you're even remotely personable and have any LBM know-how, it's almost impossiblr to not get hired. I'm guessing the drug test had something to do with the decision not to offer you employment.


Giving me the benefit of the doubt because I am new in town? What town? What the *** are you talking about?


What store? I don't recall telling anybody what store I work at.

You say my store did not hire you. You realize there are well over 200 of them. Sounds like you and the other loser found the solution to the problem anyways. Lowes.

Go there.

Please. Make our lives easier.


MenardsManager, I have many years of construction experience and your store didn't hire me. I can go to Lowes and get quality service and low prices in one trip.

We just gave you the benefit of the doubt because you are new in our town ***hole.Also, I've worked for 7.00 an hour and busted my*** for good service.It's called having lazy employees, yeah, bet you feel *** now.FYI, Lowes has women employees that have helped many people and can answer any ? you may have imediately, and be correct, so take your whinney @@@ back home to mommy and daddy to teach you respect and morals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Menardsguy, It's because of That 75% of people that your sorry *** has a job! I know it must be difficult for you to drag your butt out of bed to go to work ,Thats called retail ,Learn it or move on.


you bring up a great point, YIWT. i figure we call them out on their "douchebaggery" (like that word?) rather than complain about something within the company.

i think i'll take that approach from now on. great thinking!


fella, you are preaching to the choir. My point is that if we use the lack of payroll as an excuse, then its just gonna make the *** think that we're all a bunch of whiners.

I would rather taunt and mock the *** rather than have them read this and think that we're the whiners. And i think that the word *** is entirely underused in the customer service industry. FYI, back in the day I was a 100 first, when the yard was still in lumber, I had 42 guys.

The store I'm in now has 4 people in 100, including the DM and ADM. I know what PTS has done to the stores.


i spoke the truth. payroll sucks right now, and it's terrible to watch great employees get frustrated and angry with these policies.

the only "dirty laundry" getting aired is this guy's sheer ignorance. really nothing more than that.


By the way, "Yeah, I work there", there is not enough payroll. If you have worked there for the last 10 years and have not noticed it disappearing with each passing year than good for Menards and too bad for you.


So you want to be helped, but are upset that the guy helping you is trying to find out what you know so that he can get you the right products to do the job? You don't say what you're looking for, so its hard to say if the Menards guy couldn't show you where the screwdrivers are located, or if he was trying to figure out if you were trying to put ceramic tile down on a woefully unsupported floor.

Not all home improvement jobs are easy, and in some cases, you may want to call in a professional contractor. I am less than impressed with the people on this blog that simply say "i got screwed" without anything to back it up. I'm also irritated by the employees that answer back with "there's no payroll". Look, we're not going to hit it out of the park every time, but it's been my experience in the ten plus years I've worked here that most of the employees are willing to help out as much as they can.

Since you didn't really say what your beef is, I can't bring myself to apologize or anything like that, but the airing of diry laundry is something you didn't need to hear. Next time your'e in a Menards, look at the guys name tag, call him by name, and I'm sure you'll get the service you need.


It's hard to give good guest service to everyone when 75% of the people i help could help themselves if they opened their eyes. I wouldn't believe how often i'm asked where something is when i am literally standing right next to it. Or things like what's the best screw for putting up drywall.....i don't know maybe a drywall screw.


Listen to fella. He is right.

You can *** all you want. Bottom line is, you will keep coming back because the lower prices come before good guest service. If you were smarter you would realize that the lower prices on the product are a direct result of the lack of knowledgeable help. Qualified people demand a bigger paycheck.

Menards does not offer this. Do you want higher prices and better service, or lower prices and a lack of service. You cannot have them both, so take your *** pick. One would be a fool to work for less than he is worth, right?

You have a job too, right? How much would you be willing to do for 8 dollars an hour? Menards actually hires people off of the street and expects them to be super smart and super qualified in return for this rediculous wage. Dummys like you come in these stores and expect employees to be a plumber, carpenter, electrician, and a building inspector all in one.

We think your *** crazy. Well, that is all, you should feel *** by now.


then i guess it's unfortunate for you that menards is doing very well and continues to expand out from the midwest. did you expect advice from some part-time kid who's going to be there another month?

menards is a big box store meant primarily for those do-it-yourselfers. not necessarily people who need their hand held and their *** wiped during each trip. it is increasingly difficult to give great service because (1) payroll is constantly being cut, and (2) the endless amount of *** customers just doesn't quit. in fact, you could look at yourself in the mirror and find part of the reason why customer service is going down the tube.

pot calling the kettle black, maybe? i'd say so.