Hazel Crest, Illinois

About 6 weeks ago I purchased 850 Holland pavers at your Hammond store. At the time of purchase I asked if the pavers would be any cheaper than the 39 cents that I paid for each.

I was told that they would not be any cheaper because they were no cheaper last year. I did not need the pavers at that time, but I decided to buy because I did not want to pay full price ( 44 cents) when I did need them. To my surprise, when I opened your add on May 31st. the very same pavers were on sale for 32 cent.

I took my receipt to the same store to get the difference back. I was told flat out that it was more than 14 days and they could do nothing for me. I tried to explain to them that I was told they wouldn't be any cheaper when I bought and also that over the past few years I've purchased nearly 6000 pavers from the same store, all to no avail. My next question was if I bring them back for a refund and then repurchase the same pavers would that be o.k.?

The lady said that would be fine. My next Question was, why would you put me through all that work? with no response. Why could they not right then and there refund the pavers and ring them up at the new price?

I like shopping at menards and am a very good customer, but if I am not satisfied with the outcome of this, I will have to rethink where I shop for home improvement items. I think a 60 dollar refund would me a whole lot more down the road.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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paint man

silly rabbit, not all items are actually listed on the computer as being on the upcoming sale. granted they do add some things for the future but only items in the sale AD are on the computer. if a particular item is put on sale (not the sale ad) then an item may not present to be on sale.


I work at a menards store and it is just silly to say that the employess dont know when something is going to be on sale until they set the sale that night before. All they have to do is ask a department manager to check the computer and it will say whether or not it is on an upcoming sale.


Sales have a start and end date to generate interest and sales for a store. You bought these on sale and are still complaining?

Did anyone else have them cheaper? No they didn't. So you kept buying the pavers, even though you were upset, Why?

Let it go. You bought them on sale to begin with.


I'm on the same lines as Fella here... you'd be getting $42.5 back...

why not go ahead and refund you the difference. 1. you get a satisfied guest and 2. the guys at the Building Materials desk could have easily said "Yes, I've delt with gentleman on a fairly regular basis, we know he comes in a lot" then the price refund would have been justified.

Also to echo Fella, it's a judgement call. IMO, it depends on whom the GM and FEM are at the time. In my store, if it were our GM, 1AGM, 2AGM, or FEM, it would have been refunded (most likely, depending on the circumstances) w/o any thought. We'd rather have a satisfied guest than have one that even has a thought of a problem with us.

Also, since it is a whopping $42.50, we'd make that up in a couple sales. My thought is that if the guest wants piece of mind back, as long as it's not outlandish (which IMO, yours is not), why not give it to them?


I always wonder why people complain about the price they pay in a retail store. If you feel the product is being sold at a fair price buy it--if not don't.

The computer you used to post this complaint sure isn't selling for the same price today as it was 3 months ago--the price surely went down. Are you complaining about that.

If you bought gas to go to Menards in the morning and drove past the gas station that evening and the price dropped 12 centas a gallon did you go in and demand a refund for the difference--probabbly not. And here is the big question--If you had bought the pavers, put them down and thought they really looked great and then found the price on the pavers had gone up 12 cents I'll bet you would never think of going to the store and tell them how much you enjoy their product and offer to give them the difference.


do you not realize that you are one of many shoppers who have spent thousands of dollars at menards over the past few whatever. what difference does that make?

In fact, I am sure there are many more who have and are spending enough there right now to make what you have look like pocket change. and guess what even they arent getting any special treatments or discounts The most important thing to remember is that whoever helped you really does not care that you have purchased over 6000 blocks to begin with once again it does not make you special


Request to speak with the general manager on duty.

Also, just FYI, don't ask when stuff will go on sale. 99% of employees at store level have no idea what is going on sale or for what price, until the signs go up after store closing on the night previous to the sale starting.


yeah that's pretty dumb. considering the quantity you purchased, i'd just as soon give you the difference back anyway.

menards would make up the difference in no time. it's a judgement call, though.