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I was sold bulk damaged metal roofing by a manager for $800 (for everything in clearance) after I loaded it all, another manager stopped me took my receipt/pick ticket, so that I could not exit the guard shack. He then changed the price to $2,100, and if I didn't agree to pay the difference I had to unload it all.

I unloaded 2/3 and kept exactly 1/3 of the original total. He then changed the price yet again and charged me over $1,500 for the 1/3!

The price change 3 times from $800 to $2100 to $4500 or $1500 for the third that I ended up with. They up the price on me twice after I had already purchased it.

User's recommendation: Don't bother with clearance building materials let them sit out there and rot to the point of no value at all.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Olathe, KS 66062

Menards - Customer service issue
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IMHO, you are foolish if you left there with Anything. You should have just unloaded the roofing and left.


Take this down


I would have taken a picture of the receipt then called the police and had it out with them right there.


He would be arrested for causing a scene.

@Orrie Fxz

Transaction has already been completed you have no authority to detain anyone. No scene would need to be made.


Raunchy on the part of Menards. Once the item is paid for and loaded, the store should have to eat the mistake.

I would be so angry if I spent time and effort loading a bunch of stuff after I paid for it and only then get told to pay triple or put it all back. I would tell them to unload it themselves and get my money back.


You are just another man child.

@Mabry Ine

He sure is he shows a great lack of immaturity.


You had no loss. You agreed to pay 1500$ and leave.

I’d have not bought anything and left. You need to learn the definition of “loss”.


If I was the customer in this situation I would have told the gm to keep the merchandise and let it rot in the yard. If the retailer tries to play games on the customer ( especially after a handshake and paid receipt) the best way the customer can vote is with their wallet and public forums such as this. Instead of just letting the customer have the merchandise at the agreed price, menards now has the integrity of Andrew Cuomo.


While I agree this wasn't handled well. I see why the GM stepped in and did what he did.

Menards has set pricing on all bargain area steel prices. This isn't supposed to be lowered unless there is significant damage. Unfortunately the employee that did follow this caused a huge amount of issues. But at the end of the day.

Businesses still need to follow the rules set down on pricing. Simply blindly saying that the customer is always right or that they should honor a mistake is why so many Businesses have failed. There has to be some level of accountability sure, but the also have to make tough decisions and 8n my opinion that's what happened. It may not seem fair to all parties, and I agree the customer got the short end of the stick.

But any business can remain open if they don't watch how things like this are handled for a business to not lose money. And a customer to not lose faith in the business.


I understand why your upset. Unfortunately, the person who sold you all of that at $800 didn't have the authority to do so.

That's a quick way to get yourself demoted or his employment terminated. So it appears to me the GM stepped in and tried to fix the situation. And while you may not agree with what he did. I assume he did so to avoid having to demote or more likely terminate someone.

I myself have worked for Menards and know that they a few times a year, send out notifications to all the store to remind them not to sell all the bargain area stuff in one large lot. I know me tell you this doesn't fix why you're upset, but perhaps that will make you understand what it appears to me happened


So what your saying is, in order to prevent an employee from being reprimanded for the mistake that he made , they screwed a loyal customer that did nothing wrong... ??

Instead of ("the customer is always right") and handling it internally...?? After the first manager sold it for $800 for all...

The general manager changed it to 2100 for ALL, then changed it AGAIN to $1500 for a third or $4500 for ALL... I assume you only watched the intro and not the whole video...

@Kailey Mri

So as a business owner. If someone you managed made a mistake and didn't something that were supposed to do that could cost you $2000 or more.

You wouldn't step in and say someone made a mistake we can't honor that? All in the name of the "customer is always right"? I agree this situation shouldn't have happened, but a manager has to do what's right for the business. Just ignoring an issue and letting a customer walk off with $1000s of dollars worth of items just so you aren't upset is not managing a business.

Sometimes being a good manager requires you to tell a customer someone made a mistake and fixing it. Both for the customer and for the business itself.


The customer should have the carpet pulled out from him and having a signed agreement voided due to sellers remorse after the transaction was completed??? The customer should refuse the inflated price and let menards sell the roofing for peanuts to the local scrap metal recycling company.


Nope, in fact ,I have had to eat thousands and thousands of dollars, by eating the mistakes of my employees.... because that is the thing of integrity.

To go to my customer and say "well one of my employees screwed up it's going to cost you more money" NO, it's on me. That's integrity.


He had paperwork showing ownership that was then stolen from him. Transaction isn't complete when they leave the property the transaction is complete once they leave the register. I beg someone to attempt to steal from me in this manner.

@Kailey Mri

I do not know who you are, but you have made three different accounts just here. You I agree that Marry is insulting you, but you are insulting him or her right back.

If you cannot take it than do no dish it out you big baby. Then to call someone a troll because they told you off. Talk about immature.

The customer is not always right they are right about that. You are a big baby that can abuse others behind your keyboard and bash people for the same thing hyporcite.


Where is the menards guru on here that's going to falsy accuse this customer of swapping non existent price tags, then falsely call the customer a thief ????


Sounds like the menards nut lovers are finally out in full force here. They forgot the customers they are aimlessly insulting are the same people who provide them with a paycheck and a job.

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