I bought a patio set last year and the table glass broke on me. Also want to do is get a replacement glass table for my patio set.

And if Im not computer savvy they will not answer any of my questions!

I tried calling five different phone numbers for Menards customer service,And theyre all as they do is ask me all kind of questions to get $100 gift card. I dont want to gift card, I want a replacement glass for my table!

User's recommendation: Not very good if you have to go through customer service.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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You need to contact the manufacturer of the table. Not menards, they don't sell parts for patio furniture. They just sell complete kits that include the legs, frame, and top.


"computer savvy' YOUR fault, learn, adapt or be left behind. It's that simple..

Forcing you to do things online(instead of a "human" holding your hand) is how big box stores are able to offer low-quality junk at low prices...

OR You could stop being cheap and trade with local, higher-cost suppliers who offer quality and service. Time to choose...


As their patio furniture is imported from china they more than likely won't have replacement glass available. Have you tried asking the manager of a hardware department in a store to check for you? You could also try calling a local glass shop to see what it would cost to have a new to cut for you but you may find it less expensive to just purchase a new table.

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