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Update by user Mar 02, 2012

Luckily the manufacturer (Mansfield) appreciates the value of good customer service. They\'re sending me a replacement bowl in the mail.

Original review posted by user Mar 02, 2012

My husband and I have shopped at Menards for years, and also have their store credit card. We have done all our home improvement shopping there, in fact. Recently we went in and placed a rather large order (~$2,500), including a toilet. We arranged for most of it to be delivered, but brought home a toilet, as it fit in our car. As we were bringing the toilet inside, the handles of the box ripped, jarring the toilet. As it was packed with no packing material whatsoever, the bowl ended up cracking quite violently.

The next day, we tried to exchange the toilet. Without seeing the toilet or hearing our story, the CSR refused to accept a return or exchange, as the accident had happened off Mendards' lot. We purchased a replacement bowl. While we were there, I took pictures of the other toilet boxes on the shelves--they were quite beat up, some barely containing their contents.

I sent an e-mail to Menards corporate, including the pictures I took at the store and of the broken bowl. In my letter, I explained what happened, and accepted partial fault as the break had occurred while we were carrying the toilet. However, I also pointed out the terrible packaging, and that I had just spent a large amount at the store the previous day--a bit more customer courtesy might have been nice. At the end of my letter, I simply stated that I hoped someone would "take care of the matter."

A few days later, I received a reply from Menards corporate. It was a short letter stating that it was not their fault the item broke off-site, and it was "clearly unfair to expect us to be responsible ... we respectfully deny your request compensation." Well, I didn't ask for compensation, and "clearly unfair"? Really? I spent $2,500 there, and you can't exchange a $40 toilet tank? Or at least write a more courteous letter? Sorry, Menards. You've just lost my business forever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

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Ex customer. Their only "customer support" is E mail. Good luck with that.


Ex customer. Their only "customer support" is E mail. Good luck with that.


Honestly, I would have been thrilled with a "I'm sorry that happened, we're looking into ways to improve our packaging" or something along those lines. We went back and bought a replacement toilet.

That wasn't the issue, per se. Their complete lack of care was what got me.

"You're out of luck! ...but come back to Menards soon!"


I'd have to side with Menards on this one. Toilets are inherently fragile.

It doesn't really matter how much packaging you put in the box, a good shock to that type of material will always break it. It's like bringing home a new mirror or window. Even in their normal packaging, they will shatter if shocked or mishandled.

I've been a professional mover for 12 years, so I know how different materials react to different levels of shock. (Yes, even professional movers have bad days!)


I bought a toilet there an d it had so much foam I couldn't get it out of the box . I agree it should have something for packing ? Good luck