Eau Claire, Wisconsin

1st of all I live in the "hometown" of Menards so they (John Menard) will not allow another home improvement retailer to move in to the area. I could go on & ON about that, but...

Occasionally we are forced to enter Menards for home improvement projects. :-( On one trip I bought lightbulbs on sale. One of those end of the aisle big advertisements. Rang up wrong at the cash register, so I told the cashier, she called and sent another person to look, he couldn't find the display.

Paid the NON-sale price and re-entered to store to get it fixed at customer service... what a joke! After eye-rolling and scoffs from the two young workers (had to physically show one where the display was) finally received a refund. Some stores take the customers word for it.

Not Menards. I really want another choice in Eau Claire, WI.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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It is up to Eau Claire to decide BUT when you have John Menard threatening to pull his main offices, distribution center, etc from the city/county and go elsewhere - which would leave THOUSANDS of people jobless. Guess how holds the cards here - NOT EAU CLAIRE!!

John is not retired!

He is still very muh apart of the every day running of the company. At least they finally wised up and got rid of Dixon though!!!


"Some stores take the customers word for it. Not Menards."

are u *** retarded?


Don't patronize me! I know where your allegiance lies.


I love my job with Menards! And Menards, just like any other company, has had to impliment policies because of dishonest people.

You may have been right, and got service from someone who was obviously less than thrilled with their day; but are going to let light bulbs be the reason you hate a store? If so, please get a hobby!

Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, the store displays and end caps change so often, how could you expect a cashier or customer service person to know exactly where to find something? That is why they have team members who work in specific departments.

How many jobs have you had that you knew everything all the time? Get real!


I bet when you go to buy a 79cent apple that you turn that sucker around 10x's before bagging it up and placing it gently into your cart, but when it comes to an expensive door you just leave skipping off into the sunset. Next time take a LOOK AT WHAT YOU'RE BUYING.

You wouldn't run back to your local grocery store complaining about your apple AND for all Menards knows you caused all the damage to the door during the installation. That's why they have an "Installed Complaint Form" that you can fill out at the store and take your issues to the manufacturer who created your lovely door in the first place, NOT MENARDS YOU ***!


why would a store ever take a customers word for something? do you know how many jagoffs there are who try to steal *** on a daily basis?

if it weren't for these cost-saving measures, your light bulbs might be twice as expensive. think about that next time before you whine.


It's not John Menard that won't allow HD or Lowes to build, that's up to Eau Claire to decide. And quite honestly, John and Larry are enjoying their retirement right now, and are in the background of things.

Dennis Dixon is the CEO.

Think about all the JOBS in Eau Claire BECAUSE of Menards!

The Distribution Center, Countertops, Midwest Plant, and the Corporate office itself. Really want to jeopardize the jobs of 10k+ people in one town?