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I purchased fence panels October 2020 at your Broad St. Columbus, OH location.

Due to unavailable inventory totals I had to purchase additional panels at the Morse Rd Columbus, OH location. The panels were to be picked up by the installer. I lost both my parents and the project along with everything else in my life was put on hold. July 2021(9 months later) I went to the Broad St location and was told that the purchase had to be verified in the system which would take some time.

My receipt and ticket were copied and I headed to the next location, Morse Rd. Columbus, OH to begin the process at that location for the remaining panels. Lillie at the Morse Rd location told me she would need to check the system. She did so right there and within 3 minutes or less had completed the process.

She contacted a manager to have the ticket reissued. Tim took a look at my receipt and ticket, checked the system and informed me that the item was not in stock. He stated that I could either receive a refund or he could reissue the ticket and I would be contacted when the item was in inventory. I opted to have the ticket reissued.

Later that afternoon I received a call from Michelle at the Broad St location and was informed that the purchase was verified and I would be issued a refund. I asked if I could have the ticket reissued and was told no that they would get me a store credit. I told her that that the ticket had been reissued this morning for the additional panels at another location. She stated that if thats what they wanted to do that was on them however the panels were now $20 more and that I would have to get the store credit and repurchase the items.

Im not sure if this is a Menards policy or not but if so I think its awful. I have spent upwards of $20K over several months at Menards and I cant believe that for a difference of $340 the Broad St location will not reissue the ticket. It was extremely telling the difference in the level of service received at the Morse Rd location versus the Broad St location.

I asked to speak to the store manager and was told that I would receive a call tomorrow. This exemplifies poor service and I thought it worthy of your attention.

Preferred solution: The ticket reissued for the items previously purchased..

Menards Cons: Very poor customer service, Guest services, Employee attitudes, Inconsistent & inconvenient treatment at broad st cols oh.

Location: 6800 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43213

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The costs of nearly all materials and shipping has gone up. But the store that offered you a credit and informed you that you would have to pay for current pricing is correct.

If I purchased a car last year and wanted the same car today it would be thousands of dollars more. And that's, because the market has changed. That's not Menards fault the cost have gone up.

I'm deeply sad to hear about your parents. But again that unfortunately doesn't change that prices have gone up


Thank you for being kind in your response. My problem is it doesn’t work both ways.

I was not offered the opportunity to repurchase the tile that was now on sale. Same receipt same circumstance.

@Rose S Xdv

Actually you could have simply returned the purchased items and then gone and bought them again, if the price had gone down. Assuming you hadn't picked them up and/or installed them already.


It is unfortunate that you lost your parents but it isn't their fault that you didn't pick up your materials when they were purchased. You can't expect them to store what you bought 9 months ago and todays cost of lumber is far higher than it was last year. You are lucky one of the stores was willing to honor last years price.


Yeah I know, It's not lumber, it’s not a wood fence.


9 months? Why didn’t you just pick up product and put project on hold.

You don’t get to order and save the price for 9 months. You should have been asking for a refund last November.


I had the same in reverse where the price paid was lower and I was not offered an adjustment. Funny thing is on that item they gave me the product.

I wish I had been thinking like you when I lost my parents to COVID within one week of each other. My fault.

As mentioned I am a frequent customer who has spent over $20K over several months, double that in two years. Is this you Michelle?

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