Dearborn, Michigan

I hate the check out system. It is poor customer service.

It feels like, get your money, than get out of the way. Before you can even get your Things off the counter, they are checking someone else out. I am a small senior citizen and it doesn't matter if what you purchased is awkward to handle or whatever. They don't care.

They just go on to the next one. I have left small items there twice and they could care less.

They want you to stand in line while they run back the camera to see if you are a liar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ahhh the good old days. When the nice man deliverd your milk in the morning.

True fact 30% of shop lifters are over 60 years of age. Can you trust your gma can you?????


Put your items in a bag as they check them out rather than waiting till you have paid to start bagging. Not any different than the grocery stores where you bag your own groceries.