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Over the weekend I was in your store a getting lawn and garden things and security lights. When asking for assistance the employee responded rudely and lazily by saying immediately "Mostly all the lights are gone because it's out of season"...

he then went on to say how there wasn't anymore while walking to and finally at the area that there is no more, but I found one... He was just rude and made continuous comments as if he didn't want to help and why was I getting stuff out of season anyway...

User's recommendation: Take a moment to make a comment if you're not getting treated right.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 6401 Southwest 17th Street, Topeka, KS 66615

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I'll comment princess. Nothing wrong about someone telling you they have low stock and to keep your expectations low.

I'm also guessing you're one of those "can you check in the back" people. This person pre-empted your BS while taking(not pointing) you to where you needed to be where surprise, you found what you're looking for. Rather than be happy, you want to whine that you weren't treated like royalty.

You sound like an awful awful person..... NERAK


Exactly, you have a lot of nerve expecting a employee on company time to preform the job they were hired to preform. How dare you disturb him from leaning against the desk loitering, or hiding outside to smoke a cigarette!!!!!!

You actually expected him to preform customer service which involves physical labor on their part??? Shame on you Mr customer who provides his paycheck!!!!!?


You don't have much a life, do you? First, you whine because someone didn't bow and scrape to you in an enthusiastic fashion, now you have time to monitor your banal and lame screed.

So sad you believe the little change you spend comes with a concierge. Hopefully, you have not nor plan on having children.


I'm not asking for someone to bow down and shine my shoes when I ask an employee on company time for assistance, but nor do I expect them to run away at the speed of light when i say "sir can you help me". As previously stated menard's employees seems more focused on avoiding customers and use company time for activities such as leaning against the customer service counters, taking on the clock smoke breaks, watching youtube videos in the rest room, or flirting with significantly younger coworkers. Best advice if you need assistance at menards is to have a female wear a low cut tank top and mini skirt, It may not provide much customer service but the staff will surly ogle you from 10 feet away.


LOL.... You're back....Are you so stupid you allow someone spewing a few fonts take over your (chuckle) life if even for a few moments?

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