Salina, Kansas

at the check out after scanning all my purchased items my ticket had another item on it that i did not purchase. a rose, snowdrift in the amount of 15.88.

i showed the ticket to the cashier who checked my purchases and sure enough no rose, she then called another supervisor who did the same thing, sure enough no rose. she then called a manager over, she took the ticket and left on her return she told the cashier that she must have scanned the rose from the customer following me. the cashier told her the customer following me purchased a pillow. manager then searched my bag.

i said this is a good way for MENARDS to CHEAT customers. got it taken off my bill MENARDS is the thief not customers how many paid for this glitch????????????????

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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I suprised of the number of people who said they had the same issue. It was UPC code that was incorrect.

If you you are in the middle of ringing up someone there is no way to do anyone else. If you have completed the transaction that is another story. Also it is required by law to take a lunch break after so many hours. I do not work here but at another retail job and many times I end up taking lunch an hour before I am scheduled to clock out.

You cannot have even water at the register.

So you might be griping about someone who has been working 6 or more hours straight without a break. I wish more people understold what goes on in the retail business.


I love the song "save big money" unless your in the garden dept. Picked a flower pot that had a shelf price tag of 12.99.

Get to the register and it rings up 24.99?? Tell the young lady that is not correct. She starts the customer rule # 2.6: delay any service and let the customer line build up behind them, they will eventually give in and pay or just set it aside.

With 35 pissed customers behind you you just give in! This is how they sponsor a Sprint Cup Car in NASCAR.


Menards is not cheating anyone. It was either an accident or a computer error, unless you're a ***-artist.

And I'm assuming they somewhat suspected you of being a thief. Menards is very anti-theft. It would be very suspicious if it was on your receipt then they could not figure out how where it came from or locate the item. People try all sorts of crazy things to steal.

They will even steal an item then try and return it to the store for cash. If it was an error, it could have been so many things. It's possible one of the UPC's rang up incorrectly and you got an item for cheaper or free-(if they refunded you the difference).

Or what if you're a thief and changed the UPC some how, people try to do that all the time too. However, you will only see this from your small world view and never see the larger picture.


very gutsy to search a bag without asking. Lot of people defending Menards here, you either know they work for Menards, or they make stinking jury like what you see on TV today.

So glad God destroys their system soon, they die with it, and they dont get the arrogant heaven they all have the guts to think they'll get. I bought staples for a gun i thought fit. Came home, wrong size, went back, forgot receipt, item is $6, you burn that much gas. She says 1 cent when buying a gun so no trade for stpales, you want your penny or dont you.

meed i say F-U.

Well they are quick to stand in your way to give your cashier a lunch break, so when i bought three $40, and in saying no to warrant, he delets it and rings me up $80, and then walks off for lunch before i even bag or see my receipt, then its his problem, i got a free tool. And you people who think youre so self righteous killing Jesus for his not speaking up, you have guts to even think youre geeting any kind of eternal life.


What are you even talking about. Unless I'm mistaken this is a site for complaints against Menard, not a designated area for holy wrath.

At my local Menard the majority of cashiers are around 17. OSHA requires they take a break after 5 he's of work. This isn't something you can avoid.

Not to mention you got a free tool out of all this? Quit ***