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The thick decking 5/4 was on sale so I decided to try it.BIG MISTAKE.The junk started to cull and warp within a months time.It was laid and fastened correctly on 16 inch centers by me.I have built several decks without EVER having this problem.I took pictures and wrote a letter to menards corporate to no avail.They said they would replace one or two boards but not all 30 because that was their definition of woods natural characteristics.BULLCRAP!!! They will be happy to know that since their lumber is junk Ive only spent 75 bucks in that store,BUT 9000, dollars in LOWES,AND WILL CONTINUE TO ONLY MAKE SMALL PURCHACES IN THAT STORE ONLY WHEN NEEDED.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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First of all wood does not "cull", that is not a real thing. Second, if decking is installed correctly there is no way for it to warp.

It can split and cup which is normal, but once it is screwed in place it doesn't warp.

I think you should leave jobs like this to professionals who know what they are doing. Yes, it will cost more but you would be much happier in the long run.


Deck boards cup when you dont properly set the gapping to allow the boards to expand and contract with the weather. As ANY AND ALL pieces of lumber dry they will begin to warp or curl or twist the direction of the drying.

Flip the boards over spray some water on them on a hot day and come back later. If you just pay attention to that pesky train that makes you late for work everytime youre cutting it close.

You will see the exact same lumber throughout. First stop Menards plant, second stop Lowes plant, third stop Home Depot, and then just barely swinging through RP just in time for din din.


And if you actually pay any attention its the exact same lumber mill that sends product to ALL lumber retail distributors. If you dont know how wood expands and contracts I dont suggest calling yourself a DIYer you should probably call someone.


Don't know what you mean by cull and warp. I expect you mean cup and warp.

If the boards are cupping they were installed upside down. The best way to prevent cupping is to install the boards with the crown up. Wood is a natural product and will cup with the grain of the wood. Wood will also warp as moisture moves in and out of the wood.

It is a natural product not man made plastic.

It sounds like you have several installation issues. Next time have a professional install man made decking for you and you won't have to deal with the natural tendencies of real wood.


the crown is up and screwed properly and i am a proffessional you *** if you read the article, assuming you can read,ive installed several decks only having the problem with this junk.YOU use the *** see the outcome.


I have built and recovered more than my share of decks, docks, etc. using 5/4 decking from Menards from 6 to 24 feet long.

With the longer lengths, it is basic knowledge that the boards are not going to be perfectly straight. Normally they are flexible enough that you can pull the bow out by hand while fastening, but sometimes you have to use a come along winch to pull them to where they need to go.

I am really curious how your decking was able to warp after it was screwed down because that would mean that either the entire substructure of your deck is moving or your screws are way too short and not holding to the joists.

Lumber is lumber, it really doesn't matter where you buy it, it all comes from the same trees unless you think Menards owns their own forests lol. Installation is what counts.


Nowhere in your post do you say you are a "professional". A professional would know that cull is something you do to wood, not something that wood does.

When you cull wood you go through the stack of lumber and remove the bad pieces.

As a "professional" you show a great lack of knowledge of the properties of wood. It's obvious that construction is not the profession for you.