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I have a negative remark showing up on my credit report regarding a late payment. I would like to have removed.

Preferred solution: Remove the negative remark .

Location: Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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You were late, this is what happens. Pay your bills on time.


Ok Einstein since you know everything. If you were that smart you should also know that some times things can be incorrectly reported to your credit and that is the situation I find myself.


Was your payment received on time? If not, there is no reason for the credit company they use to remove it.


They could not even find anywhere on my payment history going back 3 years that I was ever late. The guy I spoke with could not even provide me an answer and asked me to dispute it.


You were given the correct information. Contact the credit bureaus that show the wrong information. Tell them your side of the story and ask them to investigate.

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