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When I purchased lumber from Menards, I was asked by the sales assoc if I would like a Menards card. They took one of my credit cards,ran it through their machine and told me I was approved for the 6 months same as cash.

We used the card, and went to pay it off, and they had attached a Protection Elite Plan to our card, and it cost us $55.60/mth. When I called to have it removed, they said I had to remove it within 30 days, and since it was past that, I had to pay the $270.53! Menards, and Prot Elite refused to remove the charges! (The Prot Elite is only for appliances, which we had not purchased).

I closed our account and refuse to purchase anythin else from them. We have spent over $20,000.00 for our pole barn there, but because of them being underhanded and riping us off, we will go some place else and pay the higher dollar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Protection Plan.

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Jerry, I wrote to the president of Menards and explained what had happened to me, I also told him I never signed an agreement, and if you read the credit card fine print, it says they have to notify you within I believe it is 30 days and have you sign a paper saying you agreed to add the "Protection Elite Plan". Protection Elite Plan people have to this day never produced my signature, but the president did apologize and gave me a refund.

You may want to try this. I looked up the Menards website and made sure the letter was sent to the Pres/CEO. Good luck!! I hope it works out for you.

No matter what, I still think people have a right to know. Thanks for your support.


Money itself isn't lost or made, it's simply transferred from one perception to another.


starleen, what you say is true the samew thing happed to me, after contacting there bank HSM they refused to tack off the charges. I told them I wanted a copy of my original contract so I could show them I never signed up for the protection, they sent me a letter stating they had 120 days to pull my contract,Time is now up and I have seen no cotract.

menards must be in pretty deep to let their customers be treated this way. Like you I am going to stop doing business with them. we built a big barn and remodeled the house buying most from menards, they will lose a lot more then they sold from me in the future because now I do not hesitate tell friends not to shop there.

why is it that if I walked into the store a sold 180.00 they would have me arrested but they can send you a bill, you donot owe and nothing happens, they are crooks.why can't I have some arrested for sealing from me. :cry


The protection plan may not be sold by Menards, but it was attached to my Menards credit card. Someone had to allow the Protection Elite Plan people to add their product to the Menards card...Just Sayin


Menards doesn't sell a "Protection Elite Plan"... Just sayin