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So my husband and I took out a menards card with 6 months interest free financing. We hate cc so the only way we use them is on an interest free thing or we pay them in full every month.

We needed to get our roof reshingled so we purchased them on our new Menards Card.

Now normally I pay my bills WAY ahead of time but was in the middle of a job change so I do admit leaving it until way later than I normally would have.

Bill was due June 9th. I sent out both payments (both my husband and I have a card) in one envelope. 1st mistake...

I just happen to remember the day I mailed it b/c it was also getting mailed with my father's birthday card. His b-day was 9th of June. I mailed it out on am of the 5th -- very early. My dad who also lives in Illinois (which is where the MEnards payment was going) -- got his card on the 8th.

Funny how Menards didn't get my payment until the 10th. So I was charged $70.00 in late fines. And over $70 in interest plus my interest rate went up to 21% -- 45% APR on the one card!

I realize it was borderline with the post office, but you know they held it one day even if they got it on the 9th!

I have given Menards a choice. Either close my acct or give me a more reasonable rate.

That's what I don't get... how can credit card companies get aaway with such predatory lending practices!? The economy problem didn't start with the housing; it started with the credit cards and then people using their equity to get out of their credit card debt!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

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Menards uses Capital One and they were not very good to me either. I was debating whether to reapply for a Menard's Card knowing they use Capital One until I read your post.

I was able to get Capital One paid off and will never carry that card again. I closed my Menard's Card because they use Capital One. What's in my wallet?

For sure never Capital One again. They may be legal but they certainly are not very kind to their card holders.


It actually states if ur payment is post dated before the due date then its not considered late


Amazing how many *** are siding with a greedy company that is price gouging. Just what kind of world do you want to live in?

One late payment should not result in loanshark rates.

When a company overcharges or screws up orders costing people time and money are they stuck with any consequences? But hey, individuals are only human beings, while large corporations are God.


This has nothing to do with menards... you also need to send it out SOONER.

you can go to menards and pay your card as well (if I remember correctly) and you can pay ONLINE. espcially if its going to be that late.

although I think they would give it a little grace period. Since it was only 1 day, and chances are they probably had it before then but just got to processing it that day.


I recently applied for the big card with the menards associate promising me no interest for 12 months. This is the only reason I agreed to getting a card since I don't like credit cards either.

I received my statement and saw I have been charged interest!! I contacted menards to be told that it is only eligable for interest free if you spend $299 or more!! Who will spend that much every time they go? I now have a card based on false advertising from their associates.

Fine print insn't mentioned when I did the applying. I plan on paying off the balance cutting up the card and doing business at Home Depot.


On a personal note I agree with all comments posted and just wanted to say that these problems should soon be resolved. It was revealed to us in a department meeting three days ago that HSBC is going out of business and all Menards Credit Programs are being transitioned to Capital One.


Anybody who opens a credit card through Menards or any other company that uses HSBC is a fool. HSBC are nothing but crooks.

A menards store manager agreed to no intrest, no payments for 12 months on a purchase. HSBC then tried to charge deferred intrest at the end of 12 months.

When I contacted HSBC and informed them that it was not an agreement with deferred intrested or a if paid in full agreement, all I was told should have know. Never do business with HSBC.


I guess you've made me hesitant to open a contractor account with them. They seemed so quick to sell me on promises. I wonder where they will lead me with a small, new construction business??


This sould be on hsbc not menards and on any one that cant get there mail out in time.


Place blame where it rightfully belongs. This was largely your fault for leaving it so late and you got outsmarted.

Menards suggest on the statement about mailing in your payments about 9 days in advance. You could set up an online account for faster payments. You got "Shanghaied" by HSBC; blaming Menards (a great place to shop) is like kicking the milkman's horse because the milkman is having an affair with your wife.

Learn from the were being cheap and simply got outsmarted. I guess you won't make that mistake again..right?


First of all I would send my payment out more the 5 days before the due date. If you want to make sure the payment is on time pay it at Menards.

Menards isn't at fault the. The HSBC is at fault.

You sent your payments to them. I have a Best Buy card and I send the payment to HSBC not Best Buy.


First of all I would send my payment out more the 5 days before the due date. If you want to make sure the payment is on time pay it at Menards.

Menards isn't at fault the. The HSBC is at fault.

You sent your payments to them. I have a Best Buy card and I send the payment to HSBC not Best Buy.


HSBC is a joke!! I had two separate interest free programs I was taking part in and had also made some purchases on the card.

I added up the purchase (minus the three returns I made), plus the total minimium due on one of the interest free programs (as the other did not have a minimium due), plus an additional $10 to pay down the balance. I got my bill next month and I was charged a finance charge. I called HSBC/Menards card customer service and was given a run around about the finance charge. I called again and received yet another answer, different from the first person.

The third person I talked to had no clue about finance charges and waived them, but never did give me a reasonable explanation. I guess it goes to show you that not a single customer service rep there knows what the !@$# they are doing!!


Menards, as with most companies, uses HSBC as their credit company. It has nothing to do with Menards.

HSBC is the largest bank in the world so Im sure they got there by holding your check another day so you would receive late fees. Pretty sure they would not survive if they were practicing that. A good practice to get into is to send your bills out as soon as you get them.

Also the APR rate was given to you. If you didnt like it than you should have gotten rid of the card a long time ago.


You say "Menards" didn't get your payment on time and you have given "Menards" a choice. Don't you understand that Menards has nothing to do with your credit account other than accepting it as a form of payment. Your beef is with the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, better known in the US as HSBC.