My name is Jessica Brown, I first want to began by telling you how much I love your store.... it's the absolute best!

I share with all of my family and friends all of the sweet deals I find. The reason of this email is to see if there is any way that we could remove my 1 late payment on my credit card with your company. I've had this card almost four years and accidentally skipped a payment in December 2017 while opening a new business. I HAVE not missed a payment since.

Please take this into consideration. If you need to contact me my phone number is 573-587-**** email jsb@***.edu

DOB 06-15-1986 please feel free to reach out if any other information is needed.


Jessica Brown

Location: Ballwin, Missouri

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I will never understand the pure stupidity people have. This is a public form and it's not associated with Menards you just blasted your personal information all over it because the first thing that popped up in google was pissed consumer.

If you're that stupid it's safe to assume any issues is because of your stupidity. Menards doesn't own the card anyways. Retail cards are owned and operated by a bank. They get the interest payments.

Menards gets the sale, not that hard to understand. It even is blasted all over the documentation when you SIGNED UP.


First, be aware that this is a complaint site not related to Menards. Second, It isn't Menards that owns your credit account.

An independent credit company issues a card with Menards name on it to be used. at Menards and a few gas stations. Third, You missed a payment. They are not reporting anything that isn't factual.

If it's the only late payment you have made it isn't going to hurt your ratings much.

If you have this problem with a number of accounts that might be a different story. Be an adult and own responsibility of the fact that you missed a payment, intentional or not.

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