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Today I was at the local menards store browsing in the plumbing area and I noticed the exact same model 50 gallon natural gas water heater on sale for $120 less then I paid for it 18 days ago with a red price tag. I thought "wow thats a significant amount and will help pay for other house updates and repairs".

I look for an employee and after searching for a few minutes I locate the employee who I bought the water heater from in the process of socializing with 2 other employees about "getting busy with a hot girl from the club last night". None seemed remorseful about obscene language on the sales floor, and instead asked what needed in annoyed tone of voice. I told him I bought a water heater a couple weeks ago which I installed and works great however noticed its on sale for a significant savings. He says are you sure its the same one to which I reply it the same size, same brand, both in natural gas and exact same spot in the sales floor.

He walks over and looks at the red tag to which he replays oh thats a "comp match". I ask computer match? and he says no were matching the price of the big store down the street. I ask how do I get a price adjustment and he go to the returns desk with your receipt.

I go out to my truck and grab the receipt from my envelope and return to the customer service desk. I tell the employee I bought this item 2 weeks ago and its on sale now. She says wheres the item to which I reply its in my basement working great. she says so whats the issue?

I reply its $120 less then i paid for it can I get a adjustment? She grabs the receipt and says its 18 days ago we only price match within 14 days and attempts to walk away. I reply "ma'am whats your return policy" and she tells me oh thats 90 days. So I question your price match is 14 days and return policy is 90 days???

and she give me a blank stare. I say basically what it comes down to is I need to rebuy the item and return the new one with the old receipt? She's replies "well thats up to you" I question why should I waste your employees labor to grab a new one and just return it instead of doing a price adjustment right here? she says again its your call.

So I head over to the rear of the store where I picked up the previous water heater and tell the man on the forklift I need a water heater bought down so I can return it, he looks confused but after I explain the front desk clerk is being difficult with the 14 days vs 90 days he understands. I tell him its a $120 price difference. He spend 5 minutes shuffling around shrink wrap pallets to get access and bring down the water heater from the racking. We load it up to a flat cart and tell him it will be at the returns desk in 5 minutes.

He smiles and says if he was in my shoes he would do the same. I push the heater up front to the register, pay for it at the lower price and asked if I need assistance loading it and I reply no thanks its going back anyways. After I pay for the heater I walk out the exit and push the cart down the sidewalk to the entrance. As I re enter the store with the water heater I just bought the same returns clerk gives me a evil stare and says "oh, you again" I smile at her give her my receipt from 18 days ago for $120 higher and tell her id like to return this water heater.

She grabs the receipt, types in some numbers scans the heater I just got and ask whats the reason for the return and I just smile and say "its the wrong price" finishes the transaction and I get a refund for the full amount I paid 18 days ago.

So basically spending 10 minutes running around with the store saved me $120 refunded to my credit card plus gave me and addition 18 days for warranty purposes. In the world of retailers trying to take advantage of consumers left and right sometimes it pays to be a smart consumer

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Home depot and Lowe’s have better return policies. Btw, if the clerk would have done the price adjustment, you’d have received a menards store credit for the $120.

By doing the buy and return you got cash back. Always do buy and return at Menards even if under 14 days.


I do what you did all the time! Just buy another and return with the old receipt.

The reason they do this is most people don't figure this method of obtaining justice out.

Sorry it was a big item - but I would have done the same as you for $120! And, they waste time and money when you do this - it's absolutely foolish.


Must of been the cape store. Rude people there that hate their life.


I would have done the exact same thing.


I agree it's an odd policy in that it only works if people aren't *** who are fine with lying and having no morals. This complaint is a great example though that a lot of people out there have no problem at all with running scams on businesses because they feel entitled to cheat people. Sad day when people don't have enough shame over their actions not to post their scams online as a COMPLAINT about the very people they scammed.


So you bought one thing and showed the receipt for something else you bought. Apparently this store wasn't adequately set up to catch your fraud.

That doesn't change the fact that you committed fraud though.

You didn't show the receipt for that item you bought, you showed a receipt for a different item. Hopefully they change their policies in the future to help catch *** who steal from them.


Not fraud. Same upc, same product. Check fraud laws, this case is not fraud.


So it would have been better for him to buy the new lower priced water heater, take it home and install it and return the used one that the store can not sell as new?


You are just another snowflake. He had 90 days to buy and return the item, same sku. The product is not attached the receipt, the sku is..


WOW! *** poor customer service! I've been in retail management for a long time & I would hope none of my employees would ever treat a customer so poorly!


Cool dude


The retailer is in no way taking advantage of you. The policy is clearly posted.

If you want to play games like you did thats up to you. You beat the policy...what are you complaining about? They wouldn't need to offer a time period for a price adjustment at all, but they have a 14 day price adjustment period that only requires you bring in your receipt for the adjustment.

Beyond that returning the item is your option and that is a round about way of what you did. If you don't like a stores policy shop elsewhere but be aware that these policies are fairly common at most stores.


Does John pay you to troll comments? And do you make minimum wage or does hep pay cents per post?