Madison, Wisconsin

Not only does the customer service suck in some of the departments. I called for a light bulb.

I called to save a trip. I told the lady exactly what it looked like. She said, I have many bulbs. She told me to bring it in.

It is not just right next door, that is why I called. To save a trip. And another thing, how can you carry an item and not carry replacement parts? If you don't have replacement parts, get rid of the item.

Doesn't make much sense to me. Too bad I really like Menards. I have 1 about 15 min from me and the other one is about 35 min.

from me. Can't wait for one of their competitors to come in my town.

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Ive came to my senses. I realized I was always cranky because I never got to suck enough ***.

I really loved sucking *** and just had a bad day.

I get *** up the butt alot and that is why i walk weird. I love *** in or around my mouth


It is a law that ALL business doors need to be easy access whether in or out in case of an emergency. If there was a tornado outside and you blew away for the exit doors not opening from the outside then Menard's would look bad. The doors are labeled so that PEOPLE LIKE YOU who complain about silly things like carts can know WHICH DOOR TO GO TO FOR CARTS!


@nikalseyn: The exit door by the checkout are just that. EXIT doors.

They say OUT when you look at it from the outside. Maybe you should try going in the Entrance door and stop ***.


It's always Canadians, they are thee most self centered, selfish, arrogant, *** I have ever met. I will never visit Canada cause of them.


It's always Canadians, they are thee most self centered, selfish, arrogant, *** I have ever met. I will never visit Canada cause of them.

retail worker 123

IT IS CALLED AN EXIT DOOR, that is why there is a big word on a sign above it that say EXIT. And if you are complaining about light bulbs, guess what is right next to the ENTRANCE door, wow, it would be CARTS.

Maybe the EXIT doors should be locked from the outside so that you can stand in front of that door waiting for it to open. And then you would have to take your game leg to the ENTRANCE doors, then you can complain about that next.


I wish the retards that shopped here understood that you get what you pay for. We have great prices but its impossible for even us to find someone from a different department when we need to.

If you need service, its not your store. I've been here about 9 years. When I started, our department got a ton of hours....usually about 90 a day in plumbing. Since then, its been cut in half.

We're very overwhelmed.

We don't avoid people, but we don't have time to actively seek out guests and ask them for help if they need to. We have to go comping once a week to Lowe's and its amazing how many more people they have working there.


I guess maybe the point is that they shouldn't have to ask. The store should be laid out for convenience.

Also, who are you going to ask? No one is around.


You and your game leg need to have a meeting with your brain and it's lack there of cells. If you ask anyone to bring you a cart they would, but I guess you'd rather waste your breath complaining.


HHmmmmmm, thousands of light bulbs that look alike. I guess you could just put anything in there.

If it's the wrong one you could blame them for that too. As for shopping carts, every time I go in the exit doors it seems like I have to walk a maze through all the carts that people leave in front of the EXIT doors.


same story here with menards---little, if any customer service. Hard to find anyone in a department, and when you do, they know nothing about that department.

I don't know how many times I have tried to tell them that they need to have some shopping carts inside, at the checkout exit/entrance. You can walk into the store thru that door, but then they expect you to walk all the way around the store to the other door in order to get a cart! I have a game leg and do NOT like walking thru an entire store just to get a bloody cart. What a bunch of dopes.

In any event, we have a Lowes and a Home Depot in town. Altho the Menards is just down the street from me, I stopped going there and get all my stuff at either of the other stores, both of which are a good three times farther away.