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I must first say I was an associate civil designer for 11` years, befor retiring. I am 67 years old and have had 11 back surgeries!

It is difficult for me to say the least to get construction or remodeling work done! I went to Menards and ordered two countertops for my kitchen. I sent the right measurements in! The countertops were cut one 1/4" too short and the other 1/4' too long.

I went to Menards and was told "if we made a mistake we will fix it!" HOW? The countertops are in place and I am left to live with their mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Remodeling.

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We installed riverstone quartz in our 2 bathrooms. Both had significant wear or deterioration (rough, pitted) in areas near the sink or where water seemed to sit.

These were less than 3 years old. Obviously, there will be water around a bathroom sink. We are not happy with them. Menards offered to replace them but cover no labor.

Why would I want to replace a quartz countertop with the same one that lasted less than 3 years? These should be a 30 year product or more, in my opinion.


Ordering countertops from Menards is a big mistake. Husband and I ordered tops from there and he's a engineer and knows a lot about remodeling homes as this his spare time work well we figured we give them a try and we ordered our countertops and waited two weeks and looking forward to finally changing our old for new.

Well as we picked up our purchase they looked great on the outside well to them home out of package and notice how sloppy and put together and not even finished the edges and the cut was sloppy not even straight.

Monkeys could do a better job! Anyways now we are stuck with these half *** countertops and have to fix there mistakes because we do not have the time and money to wait again for replacement and if they screw up again .


I just placed an order for quartz countertop at Menards in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The guy sat down with us and we gave him the measurments, we picked out our sink and faucet, stove top ext. anyways he told us that before they do any cutting the company will send us as many templates to lay over the cabinets as we needed to make sure the measurments were right.


I ordered countertops from Menards and they cut them wrong 4 times. We called to complain and they said we needed to put it in writing.

We received a response letter from the company (Midwest Manufacturing)that they hired to cut them, telling us that it was our fault. The miters (not sure how to spell) were not even lined up! We paid extra to have a template done before they were cut. One piece was 3 feet longer than we put on the template, other pieces were also wrong sizes 3 times!

Still fighting with them!

Had to spend alot of money on the contractor to keep coming to our house! Ours were not installed and we are still getting screwed!


We are getting quartz counter tops delivered in a few days. We will double check all measurements on the pieces before we even move them.

And take photos of any damage before we move them. To the original poster - you should contact the owner of Menards.


Once the item has been installed, it's your problem. They aren't responsible for the item once it has been installed or altered.

If you knew they were wrong, why didn't you say something to them before installing them? They would have gladly replaced them.


oh really and you know this how????? HMMMMMMMM :roll :roll


I am on my second round of templates. Been to Menards two times and neither time did the countertop sales person understand anything about measurements or templates.

I am getting worried about even approving the template and finalizing the delivery. I have paid for them weeks and weeks ago.

Several people have now since told me not to buy my counter tops from Menards. Ugh, I wish I would have known earlier.


WTF? Come on people!

Doesn't anyone have any personal responsibility anymore? Don't install countertops that are the incorrect size.

I cannot understand how getting construction work done would be any more difficult for you than it is for anyone else.

The one thing I know is to not only check measurements at least twice but to check any paperwork relating to special order materials at least twice also.


you is schmaaaart fo a *** :p :p :p :p


guess menards doesn't belive in measuring twice and cutting once, same old corporate apathy.javascript:ac_smilie(':eek')javascript:ac_smilie(':sigh')


When you have a project involving something as important as the work surface for you kitchen one would think you would have checked the measurements of the new countertops before you tore the old ones off. It sounds like they will re-order the tops for you, It's not their fault you installed tops that were the wrong size.