Oakdale, Minnesota

purchased counter tops they were warped 1/4 inch bow in them said they were installed wrong just really poor product remodeling 2200 square foot basesment will not get one more cent from me waited three weeks to here from them had to go to store twice to get them to contact the supplier of the counter tops guest services my *** the worst customer service i have ever had in my life as the story goes u get what you pay for there products are terrible do your homework and go to home depot or lowes do not support a bad company

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Why the *** would you buy a countertop from that dump?


You don't say what kind of material was used in this countertop. 1/4" bow in a stone material is a lot.

If you are talking about a laminate top 1/4" is easily pulled back into place if the countertop is properly screwed down. Laminate tops have a wood base.

It is natural for wood to move until it is fastened securely in place. Did you follow the installation instructions?


English teacher?


Not English Teacher ..... Menards management material, YES!