Wapello, Iowa
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purchased kitchen cabinets and counter tops,the long counter top is comeing apart,not enough glue on front bullnose edge

yes they are 7 years old

yes menards did not make them,but who ever did,,,,did a *** job,,,,,,,,they should last 30-40 years +++

i have seen it done !!!!!

like i said,,this is not menards screw up,it is who ever makes them for menards......it says here i have to have 100 words so here we go ..................dog cat frog it at that fun gate was dod frog hog cat com cub hat hot sun we are the world

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Counter tops and doors are made by a Menards owned company, so yes, Menards messed up.

each one of the prefab counters are a mess. Menards recycles pallets and cardboard, and I am

sure uses those to manufacture both products.

How do I figure? We bought countertops and tried to cut them, but the saw got stuck on a certain point, regardless of which direction we tried to cut. Guess what? there was metal in that spot. Guess from nails? What else I found out is that they are all bowed, uneven in measurement. How I know? I used to work for them. And no, I'm not an upset employee, Just a screwed over consumer in this case and found out the hard way. I would never buy anything from Midwest manufacturing, custom craft and such again!