Mattoon, Illinois

My husband and I have been good costumers, we have remodeled our kitchen, living room, bathroom, the list goes on. I always dread going to the costumer service if we need to return something, if you don't have a receit, forget it.

They act as if I have done something wrong.

I recently bought 1 pair of jeans which I needed to return and because I did not use the rebate on these jeans I was told they would only credit me the amount after the rebate was subtracted.

So I bought the jeans 39.99, I was only credited 9.99. Is that legal?

Reading all the negative reviews on Menard's has confirmed that I will not shop there any longer.When we have gone to Lowe's I have always been treated well.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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By making statement such as this: "Reading all the negative reviews on Menard's has confirmed that I will not shop there any longer.When we have gone to Lowe's I have always been treated well.", I have to wonder where you will shop. I guarantee that you can do a search for any retailer and you will find negative comments.

You are *** and ingorant to think that any retailer would give you money back for what you said you paid for it. FYI- they have a kiosk that you can swipe your credit card to look up purchases made with that card for up to 18 months.


Their policy allows returns without a receipt so long as it is in re sellable condition and you will receive the rufund at the lowest sales price (so deduct rebates from any possible product) and you WILL get it back on an in store credit, because it is a COURTESY of Menards to even allow returns without a receipt in the first place.


get a clue u ***. they shouldn't have returned them w/o a receipt.


Without your receipt you lose your proof of purchase, Menards can not see how much you paid for the jeans without your receipt and if those jeans were on a sale or had a rebate sale they don't know if you bought them durring that time and received credit for a rebate or not. This is why you keep receipts, this is not something new or shocking.

Unfortunatly just because you can say you didn't buy them on sale or on rebate doesn't mean Menards is going to take your word for it, even if you shop there everyday or are familiar with the people in your Menards. It's their job to follow the policy and the policy wants you to have your receipt or you'll receive the lowest price without your receipt to guarantee that you're not getting more that what you could have paid for.

If people bought the items that were free after rebate, maile in their rebate, threw away the receipt, and then came in to return it and receive a full refund to get money for something they essentially got for free Menards would go out of buisness.


My first question is why are you buying your jeans at Menards?


XD i ask myself that everytime i see people buying them! i have to *** my lip to keep from asking so i don't get into any trouble!


Lets first get a dictionary out and spell correctly. The correct spelling is customer not costumer.

Receipt not receit. Ok, now that we have our spelling together. If your if can read, I would say not so well according to your English.

There is a big green sign behind the CUSTOMER service desk and it states all return policies. Keep your RECEIPT!


It's part of their job and you did get some kind of refund. People steal from stores everyday.

Anyone could walk in and try to get money back without the receipt policy in effect. It's not just Menards. It's most every single store. Besides, if your such a good COSTUMER you should be able to make your own clothes.

(the word is customer, to let you know).

Next time save your receipt and better luck. At least you'll shop somewhere you enjoy more now.


Of course it's legal! You need a receipt to return anything at 99.9% of all major retail stores.


YOU NEED A RECEIPT YOU DVMBFVCK to prove you actually bought it at Menards. Only a true moronic fool would toss out a receipt if they think they may try and return something in the future.


It sounds as though you returned the jeans without a receipt. On a rebated item you must also return the rebate receipt.

If you don't return the rebate receipt they have no way of knowing if you have or will claim the rebate.

This is why they deduct the rebate from your refund. You can't expect a full refund and the rebate as well.