M company gets 15% discount on purchases from Home Depot. When I spoke to a representative from Menards I was told absolutely no company discount.

Period. Unfortunately for you I will take my business elsewhere.

Location: Orland Park, Illinois

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Why do you need a discount at both places? Let’s face it, it doesn’t sound like you did any business with Menards to take elsewhere.

Menards already offers 11% rebate to everyone. That is their business model.

Don’t like it? Don’t shop there.


Compare the final prices offered by both stores and spend your money at whatever store offers the best deal.


No One Cares...


No One Cares.......... about customer service at menards. Vote with your wallet and take your business to a store that appreciates the customers who provide the staff with a paycheck.


I agree! Stop looking for discounts loser and run your business.

Scam much ?

Bet you don’t pass any discounts along! Bad karma back at you!

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