Owensboro, Kentucky

we bought kitchen cabnets and counter tops.Wespents $9000,00 dallars today. In the past 4mounts we have $33000.00 dallars.Weown 15 rental houses plus are own house.Wehad a lowes coupon for%10 off they said they cant do it.Ilove your store .We have been going to evenville In.

to buy are stuff.Now that you are in owensboro ky we shop there.lowes will match the price plus give %10 off.Do not went go there but the savings would really help what can you do.We do not went return the stuff if cant get the %10 we will go to lowes.Thank you Mr. hayes phone 270-925-3527

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seriously can anyone be this retarded


OOOO 40k. This is nothing.

Some of the contractors we work with spend a Million a year.

Quit crying.. :cry


Someone cant spell


You really didn't need to say what particular location it was. After attempting to decipher your email, it was very safe to assume you were shopping at our Kentucky store.