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I have sent Menard multiple emails about their items being by a price, and they do not honor the prices. I have emailed corporate

My emails get ignored.

I send pics of the item with the tag and the name if the employee who did not honor the price.

I've given the managers name as well.

I went to Menards last night and again this sake thing happened.

I mentioned the FCRA, and they once again refused to honor the prices.

I keep note of all the rebate cash I should have gotten as well as any refunds that I should get credit on my card for. It's suspicious how I dont always see these refunds and only noticed this by mistake.

I'm going back and checking all og them now.

User's recommendation: Know your and stand up for them. Keep good records of rebates owed to you and refunds! Check bank statements!

Preferred solution: My rebate refunds and to honor the prices for the items I sent pics of.

Menards Pros: Rebate program and sales.

Menards Cons: Rebate scam, Lack of knowledge by support staff, Wrong prices charged, Rude sales personal.

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So you went back? Your next complaint will be they were rude for calling the police to have you trespassed and removed.


" I mentioned the FCRA" And I'm sure they laughed inside and had confirmation of what type of person you are. What does the FCRA(Fair Credit Reporting Act) have to do with a sale price?

Nothing... You showed you were at best ignorant but more than likely, a fool.


Are you saying that if you grab a lower priced tag and put it under an item and snap a picture of it that they should give you that price? Stores have the right to charge the correct price for an item. Bet you never demand to pay more if the price at the register comes up for less than what you thought it was.

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