I went to the Menards in Muncie Indiana. Upon entering the store, and employee at the Returns/Customer Service desk began yelling across the lobby that I had to put on a mask.

I informed your employee I have a Medical Exemption from wearing the mask. The Employee again yelled across the lobby I had to put on a Mask. I again repeated I have a Medical Exemption. Your employee then said "I don't care, put on a mask or leave my store." I left the store and went to LOWES spending $1,400.

on 60 bundles of 3 tab roofing shingles. I still have to purchase roof decking boards, soffiting, siding, gutters, lumber for a wheel chair ramp, and necessary nails, screws and other hardware for the projects/installation. I will NOT be purchasing these items at MENARDS, now, or in the future.

I can not believe that your company would make a policy that would give an employee the impression they can override medical decisions and/or treatments. What next, telling the people on oxygen they have to leave the tank in the car because it may explode in the store?

The Governors Executive Mask Order in Indiana provides for legal medical conditions to be exempted from wearing a mask. I went to LOWES and was not questioned about not wearing a mask.

You have lost a customer, for life.

User's recommendation: shop elsewhere.

Menards Cons: Terrible customer service, Employee making a medical decision.

Location: 3401 North Nebo Road, Muncie, IN 47304

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How does your "medical" condition prevent you from spreading the virus? If you don't want to wear a simple mask stay out of their stores and any store that requires masks.

The don't want you there. They would much rather protect their customers and employees than keep a customer that doesn't want to do their part in preventing the spread of the virus.


Wear a mask or stay the F home. It's that simple. You don't have a right to put the rest of us at risk.


" Wear a mask or stay the F home. " If a store employee said that to my face in would ensure that they were terminated before I left the building.


More than likely they would have the police remove you from the store and give you a trespass notice not allowing you to return to their stores.

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