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On August 15, 2020 I shopped your Evergreen Park store and made a large purchase. Upon arriving home, I found there were some items missing from my bags.

My artist brushes, my wall plates and my C Batteries. As I was bringing my paint from the care one of the gallons fell from the car and splattered with me losing a great deal of paint. The next morning of August 16, 2020 I called your location the automatic system informed me that the store opened at 8 a.m. and not 7 a.m.

as shown on your website. When I called the store after 8 a.m. I spoke to one of your front-end managers named Chantel. I explained what occurred she informed me that I would need to bring in my receipt and my items could be replaced.

I then inquired about the paint.

Chantel stated "That wasn't our fault. If it had broke in the parking lot but that happened at your home. There is nothing that we can do about that." With that answer I asked her if I could speak to the manager in the paint department. She said I could, I asked her to transfer me and she said she would.

The phone went quiet and then she picked back up and said hello. When I responded with hello she hung up the phone and I heard a dial tone.

I called the store back and spoke to Ena in the Paint Department. I asked if she was one of the managers, she explained she was not but they would arrive after 12 p.m. I called back and spoke to Sergio.

I explained what happened. I further expounded by stating I felt the packaging should have withstood the fall and I hope he could help me. He said the "BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ANSWER" Sure bring it in we can replace it. He informed me to bring it to the paint department and they would replace it.

I informed him that it would be around 7 p.m. he said Okay.

I arrived at the Evergreen Park store and spoke to the agent at the return desk. I explained what I had been told earlier by Chantel and she stated to get the items and bring them back. She then asked "Are you sure you don't want me to return the paint now?" I said no, I was told to take it to the paint department.

After picking the items that I did not receive I went to the paint department. I was met by Ruben, when I explained that I spoke to Sergio and what I was informed he called Sergio over the intercom.

Once again, Sergio exemplified the best customer service techniques, he met me with a smile in his eyes. He informed his employee to replace the paint. He informed me to take the paint back to the front of the store to do the exchange.

Based on his mannerisms I am proud to say that I repurchased the paint based on the service he provided.

When I arrived back to the front there was a new customer service cashier named Rebeca. I explained what occurred. She took the items and matched them to my receipt. After a while, I was informed that the reason it was taking so long was because Chantel had gone home and the front end manager (on duty) needed to call her.

She then informed me that I needed to take the items to the other side of the store to the exit registers.

After five minutes, a person came out of the back office. I asked are you Paris, she said yes. I informed her that I spoke to Chantel earlier, she replied yeah, I just spoke to her and she said she never said she would replace the items. Then Paris said let me see your receipt.

I will check the tape. She went to the register and came back and said, Ma'am you took all your bags, you didn't leave any at the register. I responded I made it home and the items I paid for were not in my bag. She said let me go look and see if anything was left.

Sometimes things go underneath. She came back and said nothing is there you did not leave anything. I repeated, I did not have the items when I made it home. She then reached around me and took the four items that I had taken time to retrieve and began walking away.

I then asked her Paris what is your last name.

She replied and please take heed at this response "YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW MY LAST NAME I'M THE ONLY PARIS HERE AND I'M THE FRONT END MANAGER" Earlier I pointed out the Best Customer Service Answer. Her response was the WORST Customer Service Answer.

Rude and obnoxious are the two front-end managers at the Evergreen Park Location. Paris who said she looked at the register for products over 24 hours after my purchase. Overstock is pulled from the register area to ensure safety and to have a clean inviting look.

Chantel who stated over the phone that I could have the items replaced and then did a 180 degree change once I arrived at the store. If the front-end managers hang up on customers what example are they teaching to the staff they oversee?

The attitudes made me feel that they were doing me a favor by shopping at Menards which is not correct. No Customers, No Purchases, No Menards. I bring this to your attention because if this is what is done when the General Manager and Assistant General Manager is not on duty what else is done?

The managers should be an extension of the General Managers.

Lastly, I went back to the front of the store and asked Rebeca for the Store Manager name. She looked at the wall and I said the General Managers. She informed me that Juan would be in the next day. I took the names of Juan Horton and Billy Garrison.

Again, if I had the products, I would not have come back to the store during a Pandemic to retrieve them.

Two light plates, One package of Four Energizer Batteries and Artist Brushes. It makes me cringe to imagine how many other customers have been treated in this manner.

It is this reason that I bring this to the attention of Menard Corporate Office. To the Menard Family let this serve as a reminder of Motorola, Sears, Marshall Fields and more familiar Builders Square; Each were the leader at a point in time.

I am asking to have these items that are more likely than not returned to the sale floor be returned to their rightful owner.

Ms. MT Griffi, MBA-MGM

User's recommendation: Steer clear of the Front-End Managers at this location.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Apology and the products I paid for and were left at the store..

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You seem to be rather entitled. You bag your own products at Menards.

If you didn't bag something or dropped a bag that's your fault not theirs. The really big ask is for them to replace a gallon of paint that you dropped at home. Why on earth should they replace it.

Grow up and take responsibility for you own actions. The rest of the world shouldn't have to cover the costs of your actions.


What does your posting the fact that you have an MBA have to do with your complaint?

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