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Mask issue in Baraboo store. I have a Medical exertion, due to my oxygen levels not being good with the mask and rebreathing CO2.

Upon entering your store I was confronted by an extremely snotty employee who while smiling told my exemption was no concern to her, put a mask on or leave. See then called the female Mgr. Who I have found is extremely rude and abusive in prior dealings, when going to other stores were more than happy to satisfy my situations.

In this case, she said it was private property and her right to deny anyone entrance that doesnt comply with Her orders! That medical exemptions are a joke, and if I was too ignorant to put on a mask, to PLEASE leave or she would call the police!

I spend around $10,000 per year at your stores with my business. I swore one time I would never go back to that store, but my wife wanted a few things while we were in the area.

If your going to continue to allow abusive Managers to degrade customers, I not only will not go to this store but encourage everyone I know to avoid it like the plague!

I get tested every 3 weeks at the VA, always negative. I think I probably wouldnt have a problem wearing mask for a short time if they would be courteous and not snotty little ***

User's recommendation: Staff take sensitivity training!

Preferred solution: Apology.

Menards Pros: Pricing.

Menards Cons: Problem not taken care of.

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Unbelievable! An anti-masker claiming to have a medical condition so very severe that they can't even wear a mask for a few mins.

Then, admitting that it's just a matter of stubbornness, in the very same complaint. Then switching back to the former in the comments... You've lost all credibility... I'm elderly and have COPD.

I do find wearing a mask to be terribly uncomfortable; However, it does not interfere with my oxygen machine at all. EVERYONE who's healthy enough to make it all the way to the store CAN wear a mask, they just don't want to. You, yourself, admitted that you could wear a mask. So just co-operate with the efforts to end the spread of Covid-19.

If you take a step back, and really think about it, you realize that it's just a temporary addition to the standard 'No shirt.

No Shoes. No Service.' rule that's been in place forever in stores.


Unbelievable, Hate filled comments of people who are so self absorbed and control freaks that they use degrading abusive comments to attack my health issues while pretending to be concerned for others about health issues! Hypocrites!

This message was for Menards (also abusive *** Not for a bunch of arrogant adolescent minded cry babies!

I remember when Courtesy and respect were part of business in a Free country! I have had no problems in other Menards, just this one Run by a Feminist Nazi!


You are on an open forum complaint site, not Menards. Anyone can comment on your post. Menards doesn’t run this site.


You are just mad that the employee smiled and would not take your bait and engage. No mask, no entry.


No miss pissy, I don’t wish to engage, I don’t and will not wear masks, as I Have A Doctor certified Exemption for heath reasons! It’s twits like you who feel you need to control everyone under the guise of heath but ignore REAL health issues!


Wait so you admit that you CAN wear a mask and don’t because they weren’t as nice as you want them to be? See there is the real problem.

You were told what to do and instead of complying you willingly chose to cause a issue. Not that you CANT but that you WONT wear a mask. You have shown all of us that the issue is your poor little ego. That being told you MUST do something automatically causes you to do the complete opposite.

I’m betting you’re a old white person who supports the Republican Party. You’re not special, you’re not in danger of dying from wearing the mask. You’re simply a old fool who is using the excuse to assert your dominance. Doesn’t that make you a domestic terrorist at that point?

You refuse to follow the mandate, you willingly put fellow citizens in harms way and at risk. You potentially put the health of children at risk and the lives of every single employee as well. Doesn’t the oath that you took, binding still, mean anything at all? So you get your free government money and free health care but can’t show even the modicum of respect.

You sir shame yourself and the branch you served in. You can play the victim all you like but your own words and actions have shown the truth. You’re a dangerous traitor to the American people. Maybe you should just sit in the car and let your wife shop.

That way you won’t be triggered by being told what to do on someone else’s private property. That way you can fester and rant in the privacy of your vehicle. It sickens me to see a supposed protector of our freedoms turn into nothing more then a walking bag of broken promises. Oh but you will take that free healthcare and stipend.

The government you swore to serve has asked you to wear a mask in public spaces but you won’t. Maybe they should start punishing people like you by taking away those freebies. Won’t wear a mask then no government check. Won’t wear a mask, ok then you must willingly give up the free healthcare.

Since if you catch covid the cost can be up to and above a million dollars. Why should the American tax payers have to foot the bill? Especially for someone who won’t even take the smallest precautions.

Then there is your wife, who if you get sick can die if she gets sick. But none of that matters because they didn’t ask you to do your part nice enough.


I would love to meet you in person and discuss this! I work, I own a Successful business of 25 years!

You comment on my service, my patriotism, and my wife. If you weren’t such a fricken coward you wot ever say these things to someone’s face! You are obviously a deadbeat sucking off government money because you have no clue what honor or integrity is! Your the treasonous disease that is destroying our country and freedom.

Where’s your outrage for the false numbers, the placing of sick people in nursing homes to kill the weak and vulnerable? You people make me sick! I wish we could discuss in person, you would learn respect real quick!!

Little sniveling *** like yourself probably has never done a thing for anyone else, not at least without needing desperate acknowledgement! Get a life!!


Stores that require masks want EVERYONE in the store to wear a mask. I highly doubt that you have been spending $10,000 a year there as they have been requiring masks since March and you have just found out about their mask policy.

The reason they want people wearing masks is that it helps reduce the chances of people with the virus transmitting it to others. Yes even people with other medical conditions may have the virus and letting you in without a mask defeats the purpose of the mask policy. If your oxygen levels are so low you should be far more concerned about the effects that catching the virus would have on your body than the myth of rebreathing CO2. Play it safe and do your shopping on-line, send your wife in or as you said, it probably wouldn't hurt to wear a mask for a few minutes.

Quit thinking you are above the rules.

It's unfortunate that store employees have to put themselves at risk of being exposed to the virus when challenging people like you. No wonder they aren't acting excited to see you.


I would love to discuss this in person as you clearly have no knowledge or respect! The oath I took is completely intact!

Everything you talk about is out of the left media instead of real facts.

You try to sound intelligent but it’s obvious you have no independent thought. Take your hate and your condescending BS somewhere else, fricken coward!


Are you aware that the owner of Menards was appointed by the president to be on one of his panels for reopening businesses that were shut down due to the virus?


It’s not the owner being a *** Nazi demanding money exemptions! ONLY ONE STORE MANAGER!! So what’s your point!!


It’s not the owner being a *** Nazi demanding masks, ignoring exemptions! ONLY ONE STORE MANAGER!! So what’s your point!!

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